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What Skills And Qualifications Should Household Staff Have?

If you are looking to hire staff for your home, it is important that you are aware of what qualifications domestic staff should have. This can depend on the job role and the setup, but still, you must know the general skills an employee should possess.

Specific Skill Training

Many household jobs require a specific set of skills and understanding. So, if you are looking for private security recruitment for example, then you should check whether the candidate has specific training and skills to be a competent security guard. When you hire a candidate for a certain household role, ensure that they have proper training or experience in that role by conducting background checks and checking references.

Practical Qualifications

If you are looking to hire a household staff then there are some practical training courses that any household staff should have.

Health And Safety: Whether you are looking for estate manager recruitment or a housekeeper, healthand safety will always be important. It is okay if the candidate doesn’t have extensive training, a general course wouldbe enough. Also, the candidate having training in fire awareness is a plus. But if the household you run has a specific health and safety concern then you should consider hiring a candidate with professional training.

Food Hygiene: There are many recruitment agencies that also give food hygiene training to their candidates. This training might not be required for chauffeurs or gardeners but other members of the household staff should certainly have food hygieneawareness. This is not only for a housekeeper or personal chef but also for a butler and nanny – or anyone else who might prepare food in the house.

Therefore, if you are looking for domestic staff, then don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned qualifications.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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