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What Kind of Damages can be Compensated in a Personal Injury Claim Filed in Provo, Utah?

Personal injury claims are filed when one person’s negligent conduct hurts someone else. These claims will help the injured person recover damages. In order to file a personal injury claim in Provo, Utah, you must know what kind of damages can be compensated and how much you will be awarded. To learn more about the many types of compensation that are usually received by an injured person in Provo, you might need the legal assistance of Provo Personal Injury Lawyers.

Personal injury lawyers in Provo will have a firm understanding of the damages that can be recovered in cases where an injury was caused by another’s negligence. These damages are decided according to federal and state laws and are not always fully compensatory. Various types of compensation may be awarded depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the state law that applies to your case.

Let us now see into the most common kind of damages that can be compensated in a personal injury claim.

Medical expenses

First, you can claim compensation for medical expenses such as doctor fees, prescription drug bills, and rehabilitation. In the event that your injury was due to another’s negligence, he/she is responsible for paying the cost of all medical treatments related to your injury. The person who was negligent will also be responsible for paying for all costs of treating any other injuries that may have been a result of the same incident. All ongoing and future medical expenses can also be compensated.

Loss of earning capacity and lost wages

If you were unable to work due to the accident you had, you would be able to claim compensation for lost wages. In the event that your injuries prevent you from working for long periods of time, it will be your responsibility to prove that you lost your work by the accident. And in that case, you will be able to recover compensation for this loss.

Pain and suffering

If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, there may be a chance that you will be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. There are certain cases when such a claim may not be required, but it is usually contingent upon the severity of the injury. If your injuries were very severe and have had a long-term impact on your life, then you may be eligible to receive compensation for pain and suffering.

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