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Sentes Automotive Offers Quality Used Cars in Kelowna

Get a great deal on a new or used car in Kelowna with Sentes Automotive. Located in the beautiful Central Okanagan, our MERCEDES-BENZ, LEXUS OF KELOWNA, INFINITI and NISSAN dealerships offer vehicles for every lifestyle.

Remember to pay Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on privately acquired vehicles – see the PST on Vehicles notice for more details.

Why Buy Used?

Kelowna is a vibrant city on Okanagan Lake that is known for its beautiful beaches, wineries and year-round weather. In fact, it is the fastest growing city in Canada.

It is also a great place to enjoy the outdoors with activities like boating, hiking and golfing. The city also offers a variety of events and festivals throughout the year that will keep you busy.

The city’s thriving arts and nightlife scene also attracts tourists from across the country. You’ll find everything from a casino to theatres, music and art galleries, boutiques and unique shops.

If you are looking for a new car but don’t want to spend time researching and running to dealerships, buying a used vehicle might be the best option for you. Not only will it save you time, but it will also allow you to choose from a wider selection. Plus, you can be sure it is safe and reliable. You’ll also save on insurance rates.


When you’re looking for used cars in Kelowna, you’ll want to be sure that the vehicle is reliable. This is important because you’re putting your safety and well-being in the hands of someone else.

Reliability is the degree to which a test or measurement procedure yields consistent results over time. It is impossible to create a perfect measure, since there are always going to be random errors.

However, there are several types of reliability that can be used to measure the accuracy of a test or measurement. Some of the most common are test-retest reliability and internal consistency.

Test-retest reliability is a method of assessing the consistency of a test over time by giving it to the same group of people multiple times. Researchers then use a statistical measurement called a correlation coefficient to determine whether there is a relationship between the two sets of scores.


One of the more enjoyable parts of buying a preowned vehicle is the fact that you are not limited to the dealership’s inventory of new cars. While you may not be able to pick up the newest Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Accord or Ford Taurus, you can at least be confident you will be driving something that is both reliable and fun to drive in the long run. Let’s say you are planning on buying a used car in West Kelowna, Vernon or Penticton for your daily commute or weekend errand running.


Kelowna used cars offer excellent value for drivers looking to save on a new car purchase. This is because dealers offer trade-in value that is credited towards the vehicle’s purchase price, helping to bring down financing costs and save buyers money in the long run.

To determine the value of your trade-in, you can use a service like Canadian Black Book’s Value Your Trade tool. This tool offers a fair and current trade-in value for vehicles based on their condition, mileage, and other factors. It’s a great way to get an accurate estimate of the amount your vehicle is worth before bringing it to a dealership for sale. The Kelowna Toyota team is also ready to help make trading in your vehicle easy and convenient for you. Come down to the dealership today and find out more! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Afterwards, we’ll be by your side for any maintenance and repair work that your vehicle needs.

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