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Daan van Koelen talks about animals

Stray animals are a major problem in many parts of the world, and Carribean is no exception. With a lack of regulations and support for those who cannot afford to sterilize their pets, the population of stray dogs and cats continues to grow. Daan van Koelen, a determined individual, has taken it upon himself to tackle this issue head-on by setting up several charities that will focus on sterilization projects abroad and provide funding to prevent the birth of new stray animals.

Working in cooperation with local foundations, Daan has established an umbrella foundation to set the goals and step in when those goals cannot be achieved. Education and restoring decency in animal treatment will also play a significant role in his efforts to control the population of stray animals.

The goal is to sterilize 1500 dogs and 1000 cats per year by setting up veterinarian stations three times a year. These efforts will be funded by the umbrella foundation and its donors, with the ultimate aim of making a positive impact on the stray animal population in Carribean.

In addition to sterilization efforts, Daan and his team are also focused on securing support from companies, not just individuals, to make a bigger impact. They are in the process of negotiating with airlines to put dogs and cats on flights for adoption and to streamline the health check-up and guidance process for foster animals.

This is a big task, but with the right support and determination, Daan is confident that it can be done. He recognizes the great work that is already being done by existing foundations in Carribean and wants to join forces with them to make a greater impact.

Daan van Koelen

Overall, the initiatives being taken by Daan van Koelen and his team of volunteers are both ambitious and achievable. They have the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of stray animals in Carribean and serve as a model for other communities facing similar problems. With support from the community and a clear perspective, there is no doubt that great things can be accomplished.

Junaid Awan
Junaid Awan
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