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What is the most beautiful town in Medellin

Medellin is an amazing city. You can spend an amazing week here. The tourist attractions in and around the place are just amazing. But there are beautiful towns that are surrounding Medellin. There are certain towns that you must explore here, the history and culture of the place is amazing and one should really experience it.
This is an artificial lake and the strane shape of the lake is the result of the government project that was undertaken in 1960s. the color of the water here is mystical and the surrounding mountains will make your trip worth the while. The El Penol rock is known for offering unbelievable views and to get here you need to bring your comfortable shoes. The small town has colorful houses and the cobbled streets.

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The place is set up in the coffee region. The place is small and busy and the town is becoming one of the popular getaways for both the locals as well as the tourists. The towns main area is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee and also watch the world. Old men sit around and talk for hours here. Jardin is full of exciting things to do. One can take the cable car to the hilltop where you’ll find the amazing views of the town. At night you can see the bars open and the tourists enjoying a great time here.
El Retiro
After you head east of Medellin you will be finding El Retiro. This is a classical town where everything you can see revolves around the main square. The place is known for the wood shops. The beautiful handmade furniture of the place is so very popular. If you are going on a trip for a weekend then you should surely stop by Vuelta Oriente that is a popular place for those who are going on a city break. Make sure you make out time for Paisa breakfast.

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San Vicente
This place is 2 hours away from Medellin. The place is a sleepy town with a lot of favorite spots. When you are driving across the town, drive up steep road to the top of the town. Stop by the church that dominates the place. Locals can help you explore the town in a much better way. The place is a relaxing getaway from the city and the main square. You can enjoy the calm here and have great and affordable breakfast. Have a great trip and stroll of the town before heading back.

So, these are some of the amazing towns that you should surely explore. Book your trip to the place with Spirit airlines and find the best experiences of your trip. The trip can be convenient and very comfortable if you book them with Spirit airlines. Spirit helps you to book them with discounts and offers.
Have an amazing trip with Spirit.

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