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What Happens When You Get a Dental Filling?

If you have a cavity, chances are that you will need to visit the dentist for a filling. In this case, most patients want to know what happens when you get a dental filling and about the overall process. Here are the basic steps in the process:


When a patient comes in with tooth pain, a dentist will begin by conducting an examination and looking for signs of dental decay. These are typically soft spots that form in the tooth structure itself. A dentist will see how large the decay is and determine the necessary steps for treatment during the examination.


If the decayed portion of the tooth is large enough, there is a concern that the decay will spread into the root of the tooth. In this case, we will take X-rays or use digital imaging to determine how extensive the damage actually is. This will determine whether we need to place a filling or use a root canal procedure.

The decay is removed

No matter the solution, we need to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. To do so, we will use either a dental drill or dental laser. Very carefully, we will only remove the decayed portion of the tooth so that as much of the natural tooth structure can be left intact. If too much of the tooth is decayed, we may need a dental crown instead of a filling.

Tooth is cleaned

It is crucial to clean the tooth after removing the decayed portion. This should be all that is necessary to restore the health of the tooth. However, we may prescribe antibiotics as well to ensure that there are no lingering infections.

Dental filling is placed and hardened

To restore the shape and functionality of the tooth, we must place a filling. The most popular type of filling is one that consists of tooth-colored resin. We can apply, shape and harden the resin using a special light in the dental chair relatively quickly. The end result is a tooth that looks completely healthy and natural, while also being fully functional.

Amalgam fillings are still placed in some dental offices and this is a composite made of several metals with a silver appearance. When the filling is being placed, the dentist will not only fill the hole but ensure that the ridges are accurate so that a patient can bite down like normal. This requires a level of precision and attention to detail that an experienced dentist has.

Amalgam Removal Brisbane and how much for braces cost?

Having dental amalgam removed is a procedure that is very complex. It includes several steps that are necessary to ensure the patient’s safety. The process should be done in a reputed dental center. It is important to choose a good dentist who will offer the best amalgam removal Brisbane has to offer. The dental surgery should also have air filtration and an effective exhaust system. The dentist should also wear a protective mask. In addition, a high-volume extractor fan should be used to minimize mercury vapor in the air. This is necessary to prevent accidental exposure to the vapor. An amalgam waste container must also be used. This container is sealed with chemicals to prevent the outgassing of mercury.how much for braces? check to determine if your dental insurance, if you pay for it, covers braces. There are additional options if it does not cover the required braces. A common payment option provided by many orthodontists is one in which the patient pays roughly one-third of the total cost of the braces up front and then makes payments as the braces are being put on. Another choice for low-cost braces would be a local dentistry school where students put them on under the guidance of an experienced orthodontist. A dental organisation might provide some kids with a price break.

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