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Why you should insure your engagement ring.

Engagement rings are symbols of a commitment to marry and a sacred promise of love. That’s why it is so important to insure your engagement ring, in case it should ever be lost or stolen from you. Here are five great reasons why you should always purchase insurance for your engagement ring so that the fear of losing your big investment doesn’t keep you from getting married.

1) You could save thousands in repair costs.

A lot of people think that diamond engagement rings are a well-known symbol of love and devotion. Others believe that diamond engagement rings are a staple of the hipster culture, but unfortunately, there’s more truth to this stereotype than you may think. In truth, there have been many diamonds ripped from engagement rings and lost at sea as a result of careless handling, leaving their owners without their most prized possessions for weeks or months at a time. If your engagement ring is lost or stolen, you could be left with just a rock in the aftermath not to mention the extra expense of having it repaired and then replaced.

2) It protects your privacy from third-party eyes.

Engagement rings are known to be the most expensive and valuable jewelry that people wear. They are a very private symbol of your love, and that’s why they are often quite coveted by thieves. If your engagement ring is ever lost or stolen, there’s not much chance anyone will have seen it without you having told them about it in advance. These days, our information-based society rarely has any trouble finding out when someone is engaged, which means that if you lose your engagement ring in public view, everyone who notices might be tempted to inspect the ring with their own curiosity. By purchasing your engagement ring insurance, you can buy peace of mind about what the world will think about you if the engagement ring gets stolen.

3) It protects your home’s security.

Engagement rings are quite large and showy, which means that they may draw unwanted attention as they are being moved around a house or car. If you leave your engagement ring lying on a countertop, desk, or table while you take it off for cleaning, for example, it’s not unlikely that someone will come along and pick it up out of sheer curiosity. Even if you take your ring off and put it into a jewelry box or other safe place, you may still have to worry about your home’s security if you don’t have a reliable burglar alarm system. The peace of mind that insurance for engagement rings can provide is worth heftier monthly premiums so that each time you walk through the front door of your house with your engagement ring on, you can be confident that it will be waiting for you in the same place when you return.

4) It protects your pristine reputation in society.

Engagement rings are thought to be universal representations of love between two individuals, and as such, they are often treated with a great deal of respect. If you are very public about your engagement, then the loss of your engagement ring can tarnish that reputation for you, in addition to having you worry about replacing it. In most major cities and towns, people’s lives are often so public that anyone who is engaged will start getting a lot of looks from other people in the area. In some cases, this can even lead to friendly debates over which couple has the best-looking engagement rings. If your ring should get stolen from you by a thief on the street, then it could be seen as a more public misfortune than usual because these rings are known to be symbols of lasting love between two people.

5) It helps you save more money for your future.

Diamond engagement rings aren’t cheap, by any stretch of the imagination, so the price of your ring can quickly add up, even with insurance. The cost of diamond insurance usually doesn’t cover much more than the present value of your ring, but it still provides some help in replacing the ring before you get married. As long as there’s a recovery agency in operation after you report your diamond engagement ring stolen or lost, then they will be able to send you a check for enough money to help you find a replacement for your lost or stolen engagement ring.


Buying insurance for engagement rings should be a part of any wedding planning and budget. It is estimated that you will typically lose 90% of all engagement rings purchased by accident. That is why it is important to insure your engagement ring with a reputable company specializing in insuring precious jewels, since most insurance companies do not insure diamonds.

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