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What are the benefits of using Paytm SBI Credit Card

The SBI Paytm Credit Card is a cashback-intended credit card. This SBI Credit Card has been designed specifically for Paytm users who shop frequently. You will be rewarded every time you use the Best Credit Card to make a payment through Paytm. Read on to find out about the benefits that make the Paytm SBI Credit Card worthwhile.

Benefits of Paytm SBI Credit Card

The Paytm SBI Credit Card comes with a slew of perks, ranging from a fuel surcharge to insurance coverage. The following are the Paytm SBI Credit Card benefits:

Welcome Benefits: As a welcome gift with the Paytm SBI Credit Card, you will receive a complimentary Paytm First Membership worth Rs. 75,000.

Easy money: You can draw a cheque against your available cash using the Paytm SBI Credit Card.

Spend Analyser: You can use it to view and check your spending by category.

Worldwide Acceptance: Paytm SBI Credit Card is an international credit card that is accepted all over the world. It is accepted at over 24 million locations worldwide. Furthermore, it is accepted in over 3,25,000 outlets in India.

Cyber-fraud Protection: The SBI Paytm Credit Card offers its users up to one lakh rupees in fraud protection. If the cardholder reports any unauthorized use of the card or any cyber fraud, he or she is entitled to the benefit of cyber fraud protection. 

Add-On Cards: The Paytm SBI Credit Card includes an add-on credit card feature. You can use this to give your loved ones access to all of the Paytm SBI credit card benefits.

Fuel Surcharge: A 1% fuel surcharge waiver is available at all petrol pumps in India. However, your transaction must be between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000 to qualify.

Cashback: With the Paytm SBI Credit Card, you will get the end number of cashback. While booking movie tickets through Paytm Mall you will get up to 3% cashback. On the other hand, 2% cash back on every purchase you make using the Paytm app. Further, 1% cashback to the users when making transactions online or offline. 

Milestone benefits: If your annual expenses exceed Rs. 1 lakh in a membership year, you will receive a free Paytm First Membership Voucher when you renew.

Balance Transfer on EMI: You can transfer any outstanding balances from other credit cards to your Paytm SBI credit card.

Flexipay: The Paytm SBI Credit Card includes a Flexipay feature that allows you to divide purchases into flexible installments. It is easy and convenient. Flexipay is only available for purchases of more than Rs. 2500.

Terms and Conditions: Paytm SBI Credit Card

Mentioned below are the terms and conditions pointers that you should keep in mind before applying for a SBI Credit Card

  • An Rs. 499 joining fee is required to obtain the card.
  • To apply for the Paytm SBI Credit Card, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • If your initial credit card application is denied, you may reapply. However, a minimum 6-month gap is required before re-applying.
  • You will receive your Paytm SBI Credit Card after your application has been verified and approved within 7 working days.
  • The limit on the Paytm SBI Credit Card could range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh.


Paytm is increasingly becoming a household name. It comes with numerous advantages and opportunities to earn rewards. You can also categorize your expenses here and have an add-on card feature. Furthermore, the credit card comes with 24-hour customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, the dedicated team will address them immediately.

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