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What are Instagram bots and how can they negatively affect your account?

Bots are software that people run, at a minimum, to run their programs. They are not constantly manned by people. In fact, they can partially replace people or at least reduce their burden by helping them.

Bots have a predefined core of tasks, including search engine indexing and customer service. Good bots are network based and used by different individuals or organizations to perform certain tasks.

Bots can be good or bad.

Good bots help people and perform repetitive tasks through automation and instructions that have already been given to them. They are programmed to function like other software; thus, they are not independent and not completely dependent. They are used for content scanning, website interaction, chat and targeting.

Bad bots are used to hack, spam, spy and disrupt websites. They are used for unethical purposes.

Most internet traffic is based on bots. They have the potential to invade your privacy; therefore we avoid bad bots.

What are social media bots?

We are all well aware of the fact that social media is manipulating our lives, perceptions and businesses. Social media has grown to over 4 billion active users. It means that more than half of the world’s population uses social media.

Businesses use social media to expand and effectively grow their business. For example, many Instagram businesses buy Instagram followers uk to increase their follower base and audience.

Do you know there are Instagram bots?

Yes, just like any other social media platform, there are several bot accounts on Instagram. People use bots on Instagram for different purposes.

It is estimated that there are more bot accounts than real accounts on Instagram. Many service companies use bots. They replace human activities with robotic activities. Bots mimic and impersonate human accounts and perform targeted tasks.

They automate interactions on Instagram using various tools. They are widely used with the ability to like, comment and follow on your behalf.

There are several purposes behind using Instagram bots. Some of them are illustrated below for a clear understanding of robots:

How to artificially increase your followers:

One of the main purposes of using bots by various service companies is to increase the number of followers. On Instagram, the number of followers has become more of a race. Everyone wants to increase followers within a minute. To get immediate results, they use bots that mimic humans and increase the number of followers of a certain user account.

It instantly increases the profile’s credibility and audience. But it is short term. Instagram can detect bot activity and shadowban or completely ban suspicious accounts. Instagram can identify bots, which blocks them, ultimately reducing your follower count.

How to influence voting and other activities:

Instagram users use bots to influence polls and other activities such as elections and voting. To increase the trade, bots are used by several accounts to increase the amount of votes on one side.

As bots influence Instagram by mimicking human actions, they still cannot use any language and converse. This is why chatbots cannot be used in social media bots. Other automation programs are used for customer relations.

Companies and other service providers use bots to influence and achieve desired results.

Use of markets:

Bots are also used to influence financial markets. Various rivals and competitors use them to exploit and manipulate public opinion and ratings through bots. They use them for financial purposes and use financial markets on social networks such as Instagram.

To get a bigger audience and reach:

Bots are used to increase the audience and reach of an Instagram account. Bots are also used to get likes on Instagram. It increases the audience and reach of the Instagram account by increasing the engagement rate.

As it is unreal, it is temporary. There is no long-term benefit to be gained from promoting bots.

Scanning content and interacting with websites:

Bots are also used to scan content. After scanning the content, they provide detailed information. Additionally, they redirect users to websites or interact with websites.

Negative Impacts of Instagram Bots:

Many companies use bots as their growth services, but it’s not worth it.

Many brands and influencers create amazing content, but if they use bots, they fall into this dark ditch. Instagram may later detect bots and potentially block your account.

Incredible Engagement:

Engagement is not gaining more and more followers. Real engagement comes with real effort. If you use bots to get engagement, it won’t bring real engagement.

Engagement may be a temporary function provided by bots, but it is not authentic because IG bots can never replace real human activities.

Instagram recognizes real human activities and does nothing of the sort. Therefore, it is always recommended to show your presence on Instagram so that your account can appear real, that is, run by a person.

Your account may be blocked permanently:

Whatever content you have and the followers you have gained through real effort can go into a dark ditch because Instagram can permanently block your account after identifying bot activities.

Instagram Shadow Account Blocking:

Instagram will ban your account after it detects unusual activities on it. A shadowban simply means a partial ban, i.e. it reduces your engagement rate, reach and audience.

Robotic comments:

To increase your reach, bots will give a lot of likes and comments. What do you expect a bot to comment on? Obviously, it will comment on it in a machine-wide way.

This seems awkward and people with little knowledge of robots can understand this robotic activity.

Alternatives to use instead of bots:

You need to learn other methods to increase the audience and reach of your account. You need to optimize your account and post quality content regularly.

Other things you can do to get and grow real followers:

Optimize your resume

Optimum quality content

highly targeted hashtags

Use location

all post formats

Real likes and followers

Cross promotion

Catchy headlines

Consistent broadcasting


  1. Shadow banning.

Instagram recognizes when your activity is unnatural. The consequence is shadow banning (if not being shut down). Shadowban means that your content will be invisible to non-followers. That means that no matter what hashtags you use in your post, your images won’t appear in the feeds of others.

You can still create posts and engage with current followers, but you will no longer be able to engage and attract new followers.


unreal robotic software-generated entities that are programmed to perform various functions. Good are used in indexing and CRM, but bad bots can be very dangerous because they can hack, cheat and violate your privacy and sensitive content.

Social media bots are widely used, including Instagrams. They are used to increase followers, likes, comments, engagement rates and audience, but it does more bad than good. It comes with many risks, from creating awkward situations to permanently banning your account.

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Uneeb Khan
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