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Ways to Improve Your Workplace Safety and Efficiency

Without any doubt, distractions and time management are one of the largest sources of productivity losses found in the workplace today. With the vast amount of internet-based software solutions available, employees have access to enormous amounts of data at a given time, which if not utilized properly, can cause a major drag on operations.

While speeding up information transfer appears to be a step towards increased efficiency, the increase in distracting online notifications and anticipation of rapid reaction.  Indeed, it’s common for employees to believe that they’d have quick seconds to keep up with a few memes while completing intensive projects. However, this is not entirely true.  Consider this: A recent study showed that the few seconds used to retweet a meme or check a social media costs employees about 20 minutes to get back on track at work.

While most employers know the importance of time management, they don’t encourage related practices at work either in the office or on the workplace operations floor.  Consider these questions: do you need to constantly look over your shoulder to ensure that your employees manage their time and focus on the importance of effective time management?

When workers understand the importance of effective time management and the repercussions of giving into online distractions, they can be inspired to manage their time well. Then, of course, with the help of some online tools and time management apps, they can increase their efficiency.


The impact of office and floor operations designs on productivity is profound; they can either make or break a company by affecting the volume and quality of output.  A few decades ago, the open-plan office was popular—most companies believed that these plans help cut costs, foster workplace communication and provide more vibrant and creative spaces. Gradually most businesses have discovered that this is not the case. These plans increase noise levels, creating distractions and increasing employees’ stress levels.

This doesn’t mean that open designs are entirely flawed because of increased levels of distractions which not only degrade productivity, but also impacts workplace safety in the context of production, manufacturing and warehouse operations.

One alternative that is rapidly catching on is the use Industrial Divider Curtains. Besides being affordable and relatively easy to install as a DIY project, when strategically placed, they can improve workplace ambience, reduce distractions, help improve control of temperatures, reduce movement of unwanted hot or cold air, airborne chemicals, paints, solvents, particles, mold, dust and many other types of contaminants typically found in manufacturing.  Further, by enhancing the management of air and temperature flow, employees become far less distracted and remain alert to their jobs.  

Consider this Warehouse Curtains have one of the highest adoption rates in businesses, for all of the above-mentioned reasons.  They are especially useful when doors are opened and closed for loading and unloading, helping to provide significant improvements to energy use in the work environment.


Although your employees want to impress you by working hard, they have limits; some of which they don’t understand. And so, be sympathetic to their humanity and encourage them to take regular work breaks.

These breaks will help them recharge, refocus, and strategize, such that when they resume, they have fresh eyes and more energy. For instance, if your company is situated close to a park, encourage them to take short walks and clear their heads.

You can also allow them to brainstorm ideas at such places. Tell them that it’s okay to get some fresh air when experiencing mind fog. Giving them time to recover can increase their productivity.

While there are no clear-cut strategies and rules that apply to each particular company, following the ones provided can guarantee success when used correctly. In general, having a clear grasp of time management, partitioning office spaces to create privacy, and encouraging regular work breaks can go a long way in ensuring that your employees complete appropriate tasks in the approved manner, using the least amount of effort and time.  We hope this is helpful and thank you for reading!

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