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Wild Waterpark: The Best Waterpark in California

The last time you had fun in a waterpark, was it in California? Yes? Then you need to check out Wild Waterpark and see if it is the best waterpark in California. How could it be better than other waterparks in California, you ask? Look at how this fantastic waterpark ticks all the boxes that make up the best waterparks in California!

Is it family-friendly?

Family-friendly? You’re kidding me! This is a destination for every type of family! Kids and teens with heart-pounding water slides and adults with gentle river currents gently glide you back to the shore. Yeah, I’d say that it’s perfect for families. But be careful– there are plenty of places where kids can get lost. So keep an eye on them at all times. For those who want to relax, there are also plenty of areas that have poolside lounge chairs. There’s even a lazy river for anyone who wants to enjoy the scenery without getting wet.

How big is it?

It’s not a small waterpark. It has 200,000 square feet of area to play on the inflatables and slides. The park is divided into three different areas. One for family-friendly fun, one for thrill seekers, and one where you can relax at a wave pool with a hot tub on the deck. There are also private cabanas, so you can make it feel like your own personal water park. Along with all this, there is even a place where you can buy food and drinks without having to leave the waterpark!

What are its rides?

Wild Wave Slides. Three slides here are wild, fast, and fun for all ages. The first is the Screaming slide, where riders will be shot from a tube into an insanely steep drop, after which they’ll get to scream their heads off before going through a series of twists and turns before finally finishing at the bottom; the Black Hole is another large slide, but its way more intense than its neighbor. It’s also the fastest ride, up to 60 miles per hour, so make sure you’re on your game if you plan on riding this one! And lastly, we have our aptly named Insane Rapid Plunge, just as its name suggests– crazy and fast but also incredibly thrilling!

Why should you go?

A family-owned business, Wild Waterpark is a mom-and-pop store that strives to bring the best experience to its visitors every day.

They have rides of all types for thrill seekers, play areas for young kids, and even therapy pools for people who need them.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you feel at home with smiling employees, excellent service, and tons of fun things to do in the sun (if you’re lucky enough to get some).

All-inclusive admission includes water attractions for visitors of all ages and many more (4D Motion Ride Theater; miniature golf; driving range; Ferris wheel; arcade; concessions stand)

Their cleanliness earns them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

 Did we mention they also offer hotel rooms? And an outdoor seating area?

 As far as water parks go, this one has everything you could ever want – so what are you waiting for?

What to do if you live nearby and want to go more than once

If you live nearby and want to go more than once, the best way is to buy an all-day pass for $35. It’s easy, saves money, and you can use it repeatedly. If you’re going with a friend or family member who lives close by, you can also make one-time purchases of tickets at the entrance.

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