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Use Custom Embroidered Patches For Events

Promotion is an absolute must for a business to become successful. Even if your products or services are top-notch, what is the use if people do not know about them? Events are one of the most effective ways to market and network with others. But, to achieve the goals, you focus on branding, professionalism, and making an impression. You might have heard about custom embroidered patches. But you have already got a logo. What more is there? Do not worry! You will find all the information.

Use Custom Embroidered Patches For Events

Importance of events:

  • Reach your core audience: Events are lovely to connect with your target audience. They are not only for pitching your business or selling products, but they are vital for getting in-person feedback. You can learn about their pain points and try to make your business better.
  • Boost your marketing efforts: Events and conferences are marketing machines. It is a chance to be the talk of the industry; they will take you more seriously.
  • Networking is one of the significant reasons for most businesses to attend events. It is a chance to connect with like-minded people, suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Learning from the competition: Seeing your competition from close quarters is a lovely learning experience. You can see what they are doing right or wrong. Learning from them will save valuable time, effort, and resources.
  • Creating an emotional connection: There is no better way to connect with others than in person. When done right, they can make a lasting emotional connection in ways other marketing channels can not.

Why do you need to use custom embroidered patches for events?

Why do you need to use custom embroidered patches for events?

  • Professional look: Custom embroidered patches on uniforms help to achieve a professional look. People can see the person’s and company’s name, and it helps to humanize the interaction. It will also show that you care and take your business seriously.
  • Brand building: one of the fundamental reasons for attending the events is the impact it has on your brand-building efforts, and custom embroidered patches help to achieve the goal. You can design them to complement your other marketing activities.
  • Add logo or images to promotional products: Custom embroidered patches are suitable for many promotional products, including t-shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, tote bags, etc. You can get the logo printed on these products, but it is much cheaper to use the patches. Buy high-quality nameless merch and use the custom patches. It is easier to match the color palette of your brand.
  • Helps stand out: most use stickers for name tags at events to save money or time; you can use custom embroidered patches and stand out from the rest. They provide a unique look that is not possible to achieve from stickers. They are durable; you can use them for other events as well. Remember to use a backing per your purpose. For example, a sew-on patch is permanent, while it is easy to remove and reuse velcro patches.
  • Versatile: There is no limit to the type of patches you can use. You can create per your needs from various shapes and sizes. For example, a 2-inch patch is suitable for hats, while 3-4 inches patches are helpful for t-shirts.
  • More details without sacrificing the quality: Custom patches are lovely for events because they allow you more space than regular embroidery, sacrificing no quality. It means the audience will see the details, like business address, tagline, etc.
  • They add a personal touch: Custom embroidered patches add a touch of the brand’s personality to the events. Your booth will have a personal touch your audience will not forget.
  • Achieve a creative look: When most go bland at events, you can show your creative side with custom embroidered patches. Add a bit of uniqueness to the design and make an instant impression.

Tips for events patches:

Tips for events patches:

  1. Design according to the events: If you design custom embroidered patches for any specific purpose, make it the highlight of your design. For example, if you are attending an event for brand promotion, then focus on the brand name and logo. And, if you are creating patches for fundraisers, highlight the cause.
  2. Ensure your custom patches are beautiful and colorful according to the brand’s colors. Symmetrical design helps to enhance the look; check to see for the same.
  3. Have a clear idea of what you want to include in the patch design. You can not add any elements afterward, so double-check before ordering.
  4. Make the custom patches of standard size. Going too small can make the patch challenging to read while making it large can reduce the design quality.
  5. Use images to convey the message more effectively. It is better than using too much text and crowding the design, which makes it challenging to read.
  6. Make your design original: Inspirations are good, but do not copy others. It can confuse the audience and make a negative impression. Every business has unique traits; use them in the design.
  7. Take help from professionals: People think of themselves as more creative than they are in reality. Provide your input, but leave the design to the professions. They know the design tools and materials better.
  8. Creative and impressive designs take practice; it is a continuous process. Look around, and you can find all the big brands changing their logo and tagline with time. If you cannot find the look you want, keep trying. It is a matter of time and experiments.


Standing out at your next event is simple with custom embroidered patches. Whether it is a trade show, conference, or others, they can help you make an impression. The personalized patches make your business and employees look professional. They are lovely to get the branded look and add their logos or images to the promotional items; people can remove them whenever they want. If you are ready to leverage them, connect with EverLighten. They have helped startups, large companies, nonprofits, sports teams, universities, etc., for eighteen years.

Space Machines Company is a revolutionary organization that provides fast, precise, and reliable logistic solutions to various Earth’s orbits. They wanted to create custom embroidered patches to commemorate the upcoming mission. Before reaching EverLighten, they contacted several manufacturers but did not like the quality. The design was complex, containing various elements and shapes. The turnaround time was short. However, we have the technical expertise and experience for such projects. The experts advised a few changes that resulted in more legible patches. They praised our quality, hard work, speed, and knowledge.

You can read the complete story at https://everlighten.com/blogs/success-stories/space-machines-company.

  • Best pricing: We are a dedicated factory for producing custom patches and not intermediaries; customers always get the best price.
  • Quality without a compromise: We use premium-quality materials and the latest processes.
  • Fast turnaround time: We provide the quickest delivery for every order.
  • 24*7 support: you can contact us anytime; our team provides round-the-clock support.
  • Real people, phenomenal service: EverLighten loves helping and offers various options for every item.
  • Free design help and unlimited customization: the custom patches will look as you imagined; we provide endless customization.
  • No MOQ requirement: you can order as many patches as you need; we accept orders without a minimum limit.
  • Worldwide shipping: we deliver worldwide; customers can track their orders anytime with an order tracking tool.

For more information and inquiries, visit EverLighten.com.

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