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Umrah Visas and Documentation: What Pilgrims Need to Know

Umrah is a small, voluntary journey that any devout Muslim who can afford to make can do to gain Allah Almighty’s blessings and favors. One prerequisite for visiting the country of Saudi Arabia is the acquisition of an Umrah visa, which pilgrims who aspire to follow this spiritual calling must first satisfy.

Every detail you want to understand regarding the Umrah visa is provided here, including eligibility conditions, application fees, and prices. Umrah packages from USA are necessary if you want to travel on a tight budget. Does performing the Umrah require a visa? Until you are a citizen of the USA, you have to apply for an Umrah visa to start your mini-pilgrimage. 

What is a visa for Umrah?

An official visa for Umrah is designed to make it easier for Muslims to board flights to Makkah and Medina for the annual Umrah pilgrimage. Recent events indicate that the Umrah visa’s validity duration has been increased from one month to three months.

Holders of an Umrah visa are permitted entry into Saudi Arabia to carry out certain Umrah rituals, such as attending the Kaaba, conducting Tawaf (circumambulating the Kaaba), and engaging in Sa’i. 

An applicant must apply via a certified travel agency to receive an Umrah visa. Proof of ability and Muslim identification, such as a birth certificate and passport are needed to apply for an Umrah visa. Sufficient funds to cover their requirements in Saudi Arabia.

Umrah’s visa requirements

The following documentation is needed for an Umrah visa:

A properly completed genuine Umrah visa request form. To obtain this form, mail a large envelope to the Saudi consulate that is closest to you. Yet, it is advised that the procedure will be seamless with the help of a licensed travel agency.

  • A current color passport-sized photo against a white backdrop.
  • The candidate must look at the camera with their full face clearly visible. Views that are skewed or biased will not be allowed.
  • A confirmed, non-refundable flight ticket and a passport valid for at least 6 months from the application date are required. 
  • If the person applying is not a citizen of the nation to which they are seeking, they must provide a current residence permit.
  • An immunization certificate against meningococcal meningitis is required.
  • Certificates of vaccination must be valid for a maximum of three years and have to be given a minimum of ten days before arrival.  
  • Saudi Arabia requires immunization certificates to be carried by pilgrims.

Online Umrah visa application

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have introduced an electronic facility that enables applicants for Umrah to receive their visas in less than a day. Those who want to do an Umrah from anywhere can apply straight through the Maqam portal.

Applicants can fill out and print their visas by logging in to the visa platform after obtaining their application reference number. Additionally, the Umrah visa’s validity duration has been increased from 1-3 months. Furthermore, pilgrims are now allowed to travel around Saudi Arabia with no constraints according to the new legislation.

In addition, pilgrims can apply for an electronic visa for Umrah, as per the most current information from the Hajj and Umrah Ministry. To secure an Umrah visa, candidates may request assistance from a licensed travel agent in their own country by using Umrah packages from the USA.

Can you get a package-free Umrah visa?

No, formally, getting an Umrah ticket without a package is not possible. Every pilgrim must have an authorized travel package from a licensed travel agency or tour operator, according to Saudi Arabian government regulations. Most of the time, these packages include lodging, travel, and other pilgrimage-related needs. The objective of this rule is to safeguard the pilgrims’ comfort, safety, and well-planned itinerary while they are in Saudi Arabia. 

  • You must select a trustworthy and licensed travel agent who can offer you a complete package that satisfies your requirements and conforms to Saudi Arabian laws. 
  • To ensure that your Umrah visa is obtained and that your trip is both easy and rewarding, always keep in mind to schedule ahead and start the required preparations well in advance.
  • Thus, you need an Umrah ticket from your certified Umrah travel agency USA, and you can arrange your own travel and lodging arrangements over the Internet or with any other agent. 

Once you arrive at the airport in Saudi Arabia, you might be asked to present your travel and hotel reservations. It is strictly against Saudi Arabian law for Umrah organizations to grant visas for Umrah without valid transportation and hotel reservations.


Thus, if you’re a Muslim intending to make the holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, you must first secure an Umrah visa. So, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and adhere to visa requirements, regardless of whether you decide to apply online or get help from an authorized travel agency.

Besides, remember the rules about how many Umrahs you can complete in a single day and select the most suitable month for your pilgrimage based on the weather and your own tastes.

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