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Ultimate Guide to ATV in Jaipur


If you are someone who craves a thrill and never shies away from making daring decisions, then a quad ride is the perfect option for you. An All-terrain-vehicle is a strong, powerful vehicle that can take on the challenge of traveling across any and every type of ground. One of the most enchanting heritage regions in India, Jaipur has now started emerging as a place famous for its thrilling ATV rides in Jaipur. With the diverse topography of the Pink City, one can experience a rollercoaster of emotions while riding through the rugged hills, the dunes and the beautiful plains. It is a truly exciting and sensational experience for those who love to face challenges and feel the rush of adrenaline through this exhilarating expedition. 

Best place(s) in Jaipur for ATV bike rides:

  • Moto Sport Park: One of the most renowned places in Jaipur that offers a variety of adventure sports activities, the Moto sport park spreads across an area of 23 acres of dune land. The place has a variety of activities to offer, to help quench your thirst for some real adventure. You will experience rowdy emotions and a courageous sensation as you transverse through the rocky, rugged terrains. With the guidance and assistance of skilled and friendly professionals, your experience will only get enhanced. The park provides you with an exhilarating off-riding adventure on a 5 km track route to test your driving skills and open your hearts to the world of bikes. 

Types of ATV Rides available:

  • ATV: ATV, known as the All Terrain vehicle, is a powerful vehicle, equipped with four solid, inflated tyres made to run on unsealed and rugged terrains. It is a high-powered automobile, designed to accommodate one or two passengers along with a handlebar for steering purposes.
  • Rage Cyclone: A powerful monster which is ready to take up any mountain in a heartbeat, the Rage Cyclone will help you experience a thrill like no other. Crossing trenches like a champ, the raging cyclone has a suspension structure built like a marvel which helps you go across the hardest of terrains. 
  • Polaris 800: Having some strength like no other, the Polaris 800 makes you feel like riding on smooth plains with its well-suspended back and front portions. A sharp bike vehicle with excellent performance, this high-powered engine is always ready to take on some challenge. 
  • Polaris hammerhead: It has surely won over many hearts and has quickly become an all-time favorite. The Polaris hammerhead is an impressive ride having some great additional features such as the 5-point seatbelt, flexible steering that adjusts easily according to your comfort and much more. The massive tyres give it a cutting-edge look and make it a beast of a ride. 

Safety rules and regulations:

Before one proceeds to embark on this enriching adventure, it is important to keep in mind the following pointers: 

  • A skilled professional will be present with you at all times. They will guide and instruct you through the riding manual for a safe and comfortable experience. Therefore, visitors need to follow the instructions stated by the guide. 
  • You will be provided with the proper safety gear and equipment. The safety gear set will include a helmet, a face shield, gloves, long sleeves shirt and a pair of long pants to prevent any serious injury and a solid pair of boots. For your safety, you mustn’t tamper with any of the safety gear. 
  • For every type of terrain that you may cross, there is a specific speed limit that one has to adhere to. Make sure you drive well within the prescribed limits to avoid any mishappenings. 
  • We understand the emotions and thrill one must be feeling throughout the riding course, however, is strictly not advisable to perform any sort of stunts or undertake any type of risky movements. 

Activity timings and duration:

One chooses to opt for any time slot between 8 am to 6:30 pm. The activity generally lasts for up to 25 or 30 minutes wherein you cover a track belt of around 5 to 7 km. 

Best time of the year to undertake the activity: 

Whenever you are going to try out an activity, especially for the first time, it is important to check the season, suitable for the ride to gain an excellent experience and so that you can make the most of your time and enjoy it to the fullest. 

The cooler, winter period from October to March is the preferred season for riding the ATVs in Jaipur. The cooler ambience and atmosphere will be much more comfortable and will help you enjoy the ride more. The clear skies will provide a clearer view of the pathways and the landscapes around to witness the thrill. 

The price range of the activity:

The prices for the ride can vary from off and peak season. The costs may also vary depending on the type of ride you choose and the duration you want to ride for. The price also ranges depending on the contractor and therefore, it is important to always double-check the prices and compare to avoid getting scammed or paying more than worth. 

  • The off-season is from April to September. The prices are comparatively low and range from INR 500 to INR 1000 for an individual, for a 25-30 minute ride. 
  • The peak season months, from October to March, witness a massive influx of tourists from around the world. Therefore, the prices increase. In peak season, the price can range from INR 700 to INR 1500 for an individual, for a 25-30 minute ride. 


Apart from the bewitching culture, heritage and architecture, Pink City has a lot to offer in terms of adventure activities. The ATV rides in Jaipur should be on your itinerary if you are a bike enthusiast or even if you are not, this experience will open your eyes to a whole new genre of adventure. By choosing the right time of the year and keeping your spirits high, this experience has the potential of unlocking some new interests and crafting an unforgettable memory. 

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