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Types of Land Surveys in Calgary Alberta & Where They Are Used

Land surveys are an important part of any construction-related activity that is to be taken place on a piece of land. Not just it helps owners stay within the municipal regulations and by-laws, but also minimises any future unforeseen costs or risks.

Their ability to figure out every detail about a piece of land and find the right characteristics that are suitable for construction is unmatched. The data acquired from land surveying can be used in various ways.

However, the type of land survey that is required for one activity, might differ from the one required for something else. Here are different types of land surveys that exist and how they can be beneficial for a piece of land.

Know The Survey: Different Types of Land Surveys

1. Construction Survey
A construction survey simply involves marking the references for any buildings, roads, walls, and other man-made constructions located on a property.

Conducting a construction survey beforehand helps the land surveyors provide the construction team with accurate data and direction to implement their construction activities. The surveyors place physical markers in the proposed locations for excavators, concreters, and bricklayers.

It is used by developers and builders to figure out the ongoing progress of a property and the accuracy at which the construction is taking place, as per the original design plans proposed.

2. Boundary Survey
A boundary survey is done to locate the boundaries and corners of a piece of land. This type of survey involves figuring out the right property lines of a piece of land.

In the first step, the land surveyors refer to the property’s registered boundaries in the area. This information is used later to compare with the results of the surveys that are to be conducted on the boundary to cross-verify.

The surveyors place physical marks across the property line to finalize the results and tweak them as per any available information too. This type of survey is typically used to set up fences.

3. Topographic Survey
A topographic survey might as well be one of the most detailed types of land surveys. It takes into consideration each and every characteristic of a piece of land.

It is meant to locate topographic features on land, both man-made and natural ones. These features usually include any buildings, walls, in-roads, fences, or trees even. A combination of field technology and CAD software is utilized to generate the best results out of a topographic survey.

With the help of a topographic survey, an architect and/or an engineer get a fair idea of when and where to begin their construction and how to strategize it.

4. Subdivision Survey
A subdivision survey takes place when the property owner wants to divide a parcel of land into various other smaller plots of land.

With the help of a subdivision survey, a property owner can legally define the number of plots that can be cut out from a bigger chunk of land. This type of survey is also used to determine and design drainages, and streets.

These surveys usually need a sort of approval from the local government.

Land surveying is a specialized skill that requires professional experience and technical know-how of the profession.

Before moving ahead with any activity related to a piece of land, a land surveyor can chip in and actually provide their valuable inputs and suggestions about what could be a good move for the piece of land, and what couldn’t be.

This is why it is always important to bring an experienced land surveyor like Core Geomatics on board.

Core Geomatics is a team of experienced land surveyors, who are fairly equipped to conduct various types of land surveys around Calgary and Alberta.

They definitely are Alberta’s best land surveyors in Calgary and provide their services in different locations across Western Canada.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics today to know more.

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