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Top tips for businesses to reduce downtime and disruption amid rail and postal strikes

Trying to run an office or any business during disruption is always difficult. The events of the pandemic showed that companies needed to adapt to the unforeseen and have back-up plans in place. The recent group of strikes that have taken place with the rain and postal services has meant that companies have had to rely on alternative ways of working. Here are some top tips for reducing downtime and disruption amid rail and postal strikes.

Linked Communications

If your staff are working from home because they are unable to get into the office, then you need an effective way to maintain communication. In fact, 51% of British workers have a commute time of 15 to 59 minutes, so allowing virtual working options can improve overall efficiency and productivity.

One way that you can achieve this is by using a product such as Horizon Collaborate (https://www.gamma.co.uk/products/horizon-collaborate-unified-communications/).

This will help you stay in contact via message chat and video call to all of your staff wherever they are.

What if Remote Working Isn’t an Option

Not all businesses can have their employees working from home. If this is the case with your business, then maybe you can swap staff with those who are nearer and able to get to work.

You can also make them take unpaid leave or use their paid leave, though this may cause resentment among the workforce if they feel it isn’t their fault.

Be Understanding

As mentioned earlier, staff may become stressed by the delays that strikes can bring. This isn’t just travel, but also hold ups with work because of no post.

It is important to be as understanding as possible with your employees so that they are not managing additional stress. You may have to accept that productivity will suffer a little, but that you can still make progress.

Introducing Collaboration Software

Being able to collaborate as a team is essential to having an effective workforce. If there are times when not everyone can be together, then you may need to invest in software that can help link everyone’s work together.

There are many types of software that allow virtual meetings, chat and messaging as well as sharing of files and other data. If you are using such software, it will help increase productivity both in the office and remotely.

Car Pool

One way that staff can get to work is through using a car pool. This can be a good way for staff to reach the office even if there are strikes and disruption.

If there are no parking spaces in your building, then you could consider offering a concession on any parking fees that car pool workers have to pay.

This can be a permanent arrangement, or just something that works during strikes and delays. Either way, it can be a big help to those that have no alternative transport available.

Final Thoughts

Trying to arrange work around strikes and other delays is stressful. Many employees will be concerned when such events happen and it is important that managers try to be as understanding as possible.

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