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Top Hardscape and Lighting Benefits

We invest a lot of time and money mowing our lawns, gardening, and creating stunning outdoor spaces, but are not able to relax and take in the fruits of our labor. 

Once the sun goes down our homes are closed. 

What did we say if we told you that there was the possibility of spending more time outdoors? 

The answer is easy: adding lighting to your backyard will allow you to have longer hours during the day (and evening) to take in the splendor that is your yard. 

Additionally, Hardscaping and Lighting outdoors can bring many other advantages for your home and you. I’ll tell you the top benefits of them. 

Outdoor Kitchens

If you’re planning your outdoor kitchen it is important to think about lighting. What would the purpose of an outdoor kitchen have when it was dark when the sun set? 

In hardscaping and Lighting your outdoor kitchen it is important to think about all of its purposes. In certain situations, you’ll need lighting that is bright to cook with. However, at other times, you’ll require more calming lighting to eat or unwind in. There are a variety of methods to get this.

One of the easiest ways is to make use of dimmable lights that can be adjusted up to full brightness when cooking and then lowered for relaxation. 

However, there are more clever techniques, too. Like using downlights beneath the stonework’s lip bars, walls and benches. If the main lights, which are brighter, are switched off, the lights shine to provide additional lighting for people to see and also to highlight the natural stonework without overwhelming. 

The same hidden lighting is possible to install beneath pergolas, under soffits or elsewhere to give a warm glow which washes over your seating space without the need for imposing fixtures.

Hardscape Resolves Grade Problems

If your lawn is uneven, it could cause a number of issues, ranging from inaccessible areas and soil erosion. A wall to reclaim the area can stop this from happening as well as creating an area that is flat to allow plants to flourish. 

Also, adding additional steps or a path can help steep slopes to climb, and patios can be very effective in balancing lawns that naturally slope or bumpy.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting is among the most popular types of lighting for landscapes by homeowners. It is not just a way to navigate your outdoor space in a safe manner and safely, but it can also add beauty and class to your home.

Although they are useful, there are a few mistakes homeowners tend to make when installing lighting for pathways. Beware of these and you will be able to design the lighting ideal for your home.

When selecting the best kind of light for your path take into consideration the colors and styles that best complement your garden or backyard. 

Consider copper-colored styles that are tucked away amongst plants or sleek recessed lights which blend seamlessly into the landscaping.

Highlight Landscaping And Yard Decor

Make your dull exterior an enthralling, illuminated display that highlights special features such as fountains, ponds and landscaping pergolas, patios and even your favourite trees! 

Whatever you love about your property or home, let it shine by lighting your landscape. 

Utilize the statement lights (big big, bright spotlights like brightly-colored orbs or white) to provide mood lighting, or add lighting that complements the theme of your interior. Lighting comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes that make it simple to add style to your home.

Boosts Property Value

Many property owners wish to improve its value by maximizing their property.  By incorporating the proper landscapes you can accomplish this. This is due to the fact that it creates an extension of your home. That is external as well as a larger area that is able to be used.

If you plan to sell their houses in the near future, you will impress potential buyers.  By the beauty of their landscape according to research that shows that more than eighty percent of potential buyers would be drawn to homes that have these features. 

The availability of entertainment spaces along with the additional dimensions as well as resistance to erosion make hardscapes extremely attractive.


At the time of day, and also at night when the moon is shining trees and other features of the landscape create stunning shadows. Lighting can draw these natural shadows into your outdoor space to create drama and intrigue.

One method to incorporate shadows to enhance your landscape is to cast shadows onto a wall or other structure. This is a fantastic way to showcase the fascinating shape of a tree, or sculpture, however it can be difficult to achieve without the assistance of a skilled lighting designer.

Another excellent method to create an impressive effect is making use of cross-lighting. This method involves lighting a particular feature from two angles and creating silhouettes of them against the wall behind.

Experience Makes All the Difference

If you are looking for reliable hardscaping and Lighting you need to ensure you’re working with a company who has experience. 

It is crucial for your outdoor lighting contractors to understand how to create a successful lighting system for hardscapes that is distinct from typical landscape lighting. Incorporating lighting into an existing hardscape may require expert craftsmanship. Therefore choosing a professional installer like Done Right is vital to ensure good outcomes. 

Done Right Outdoor Lighting has installed many projects for both businesses and homeowners. We have a good understanding of the art of laying a stone. If you’re ready to find out how to light your landscape, contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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