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How to Choose the Right Furniture Movers and Packers

Movers insurance for your move, When an individual or a professional chooses to entrust his move to a professional mover, his choice is partly explained by the lower risk of incidents during all the stages of the move because the professional he has called upon has better control than him all the techniques necessary for the smooth running of the event and knows how to handle the equipment and all the accessories necessary for it.Visit Us : https://www.ehomemover.com

However, the risks of incidents, however minimal they may be, still exist even when you call on a professional mover, but this is where the insurance comes in and we can assure you that the movers and packers who are all insured . There are several incidents that can occur during a move. Here are some examples:

Despite the padding inside the box, glasses collided with each other and broke following the driver’s emergency braking to avoid an accident;

Once the move is complete, following the contradictory visit of the premises, you notice that there is a missing box…

The importance of insurance when moving in Dubai

Insurance is important when it comes to moving as the mover’s insurance covers your belongings as well as they move. You will therefore be compensated in the event of an incident. However, there are three exceptional cases that are not covered by your mover’s insurance:

The breakage or breakage is the result of negligence on your part (eg: you packaged it incorrectly, you used inappropriate material to package it);

Your property already contained a defect which no longer allowed it to be transported, hence its alteration;

The mover had to deal with a case of force majeure such as the theft of a truck or a non-responsible road accident.

Moreover, to measure how important it is to benefit from the insurance of the mover, it is important to remember that hiring a mover who is not covered by insurance and who is therefore undeclared, engages your responsibility vis-à-vis towards third parties. Similarly, you risk being prosecuted for concealed work and being liable to a fine and a prison term.

Types of moving insurance

Like the insurance cover, the declaration of value at the time of the quote is mandatory. To properly complete the form, you can make an inventory of the goods that you are going to . The declaration of value makes it possible to estimate the financial value of these goods globally or by piece of furniture. Visit Website: https://themoveme.com For this second method, you need to establish a list of all the objects whose value exceeds a specific amount.

Thanks to the amounts indicated in the declaration of value and also appearing on the moving estimate (overall value and individual value of the objects greater than a specific amount), we obtain after application of the obsolescence coefficient the reimbursement ceiling (global or by object) which you will benefit from in the event of a claim.

Basic contractual liability

We also talk about civil liability. It is an insurance whose subscription is compulsory for all professionals, all sectors of activity combined. This insurance makes it possible to cover any damage to property caused by the professional mover during the performance of his services.

As mentioned above, it does not cover damages included in these three exceptions:

  • Damage resulting from fault on the part of the customer
  • Vice specific to the property
  • Case of Force Majeure

For information, civil liability cannot be billed to the customer by the mover, unlike optional insurance. Nevertheless, it is limited because it only covers damage for which the mover is responsible, excludes these three exceptions as well as all incidents caused by responsible third parties.

You will surely notice it when receiving quotes from professional movers using the request form different relocation companies. The prices can be different from each other and this is also the case with the amounts of the reimbursements, especially if the moving companies do not don’t have the same insurance company. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask each professional mover you contact to mention this amount in his quote.

Damage insurance for moving

Generally optional, it covers risks that basic contractual liability does not cover. As a general rule, movers offer damage insurance to their customers free of charge or as a paid option.

Also, it can be included in multi-risk home insurance. If this is not the case, the candidate for the move can ask the insurance company for an extension of guarantee, just as he can also ask the mover for an extension of contractual liability guarantee.

If it is not compulsory, the damage insurance allows complete coverage even in the event of force majeure not engaging the responsibility of the mover. It thus covers all the risks incurred based on the declared value of the furniture. In general, it allows for better compensation. As a reminder, it is advisable to check the amounts and thresholds when receiving the moving quotes.

Common questions about insurance and moving

What are my recourses in the event of breakage or theft when I hire a mover?

Apart from the three exceptions (customer at fault, defect specific to the property, force majeure), the mover is liable and must compensate you if your property has been damaged or stolen.

At the end of the move, a visit of the premises takes place during which you must check with the head of the movers the inventory of fixtures and the presence of all your goods and furniture. This step is always accompanied by the signing of the “declaration of end of work”.

In the event of deterioration or missing items, you must indicate this on the “declaration of end of work” by issuing clear, precise and detailed reservations.

These must be confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 3 working days of delivery. This formality allows you to act against the professional mover.

It is not impossible that the case will be settled out of court. However, in the event of a dispute, the moving company must settle it by complying with the general and specific conditions mentioned in the contract.

How is my reimbursement made in the event of damage to one of my furniture during the move?

The amount of compensation you must receive is calculated based on the material damage suffered. In the event of a repair value greater than the maximum amount of guarantee shown on the consignment note, a cap may be noted. However, this will not be the case in the event of gross negligence by the mover.

What recourse do I have if the company refuses compensation?

As we said above, it is not uncommon for the case to be settled out of court. However, it may happen that the moving company refuses to compensate the customer. In this case, you can declare the dispute to your insurer if you have legal protection cover. It is up to the insurer to take the steps allowing you to win your case if the guarantee is due, but also to initiate legal proceedings.

What should I do if my building suffered damage during the move?

As for the deterioration of goods and furniture or for missing items, it is essential to make a precise and detailed mention of it in the “declaration of end of work”. As this is signed in the presence of the moving team leader, it allows you to prove that it is damage that took place during delivery and not after it. Also, if necessary, the trustee must be informed.

What are my rights in the event that any vehicle hits the moving truck between the departure address and the arrival address?

As a reminder, the civil liability of the moving company does not cover damage for which the movers cannot be held liable, hence the importance of damage insurance. So if a road accident has occurred for which the driver is not at fault and you have damage insurance, you can be sure that you have coverage for all damages.

Moving marks a big change in life. It is a stressful and agonizing stage, there is no need to worry even more by calling on a mover who is not properly insured.

To do business with a moving professional you can trust, we invite you to fill out this quote request form. Indeed, the 5 Estimate Movers network works in partnership with excellent movers throughout UAE Visit Us : https://efemoversuae.com.

By completing the quote request form on this page, you will receive 5 different free quotes from 5 professional movers who meet your selection criteria. As this is a non-binding service, you are under no obligation to follow up on these quotes.

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