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Top Benefits of Installing a Heat Pumpat Home

The heat pump is an effective and proven energy-efficient way of heating for homeowners in New
Zealand. Prior to investing in a heat pump, it is vital that you have all the relevant information.
Here are the top benefits of a heat pump Auckland.
Energy efficient
● Heat pumps are energy-efficient compared to other alternatives.
● A modern heat pump consumes less power, resulting in higher cost savings.
● Although the initial investment in a may be high, the energy efficiency and lower running costs
add to the savings over time, thus offering a high return on investment.
Minimal maintenance
● Compared to fuel gas and electric heaters, a heat pump Auckland requires less maintenance.
● For a heat pump to function seamlessly, homeowners would only need maintenance once a
● It is possible to carry out the maintenance by yourself, too.
● However, getting it inspected and maintained by a heat pump Auckland professional expert at
least once a year is advisable.
Air filtration
● An important benefit of a heat pump Auckland is its ability to improve the quality of the air that
is being heated through filtration.
● The air filtered through a heat pump helps get rid of contaminants and allergens at home.
● When it comes to heat pumps in Auckland, there are modern heat pumps available with
sophisticated filtration systems to eliminate even the smallest allergens and airborne particles.
● Air filtration is important for people at home who suffer from respiratory infections and asthma.
● A heat pump Auckland is capable of improving the air quality and, at the same time, keeping the
home warm.
Health advantages
● Warm and dry air at home has a positive impact on our health.
● On the contrary, when the temperature of the house drops, it can result in respiratory illnesses.
● According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the minimum recommended indoor
temperature is 18 o C for young and healthy people, while it is slightly higher (20 o C) for the
elderly, ill, and young children at home.

Heating and cooling
● Having a separate air conditioner and heater at home can be quite expensive, both in terms of
the initial investment and energy usage.
● A heat pump Auckland provides dual benefits, i.e., both heating and cooling.
● The heating and cooling benefit means that homeowners can use them throughout the year, in
summers and winters.
● During the summers, heat pumps are able to work in reverse and act like air conditioning units.
● Whether it is heating or cooling, you won’t be required to run or maintain two separate
systems, thus helping you save money.
● Unlike traditional firewood, a heat pump Auckland is easy and convenient to use.
● There is no manual work involved.
● The house can be heated by just pressing a button.
● A heat pump ensures that you don’t have to compromise on comfort when at home.
● Just like any other machine, heat pumps need to be maintained regularly.
● Heat pumps are built to last for a long time without any unforeseen breakdowns.
● However, to increase the life expectancy, proper maintenance of the heat pump Auckland
should be carried out on a regular basis.
Better safety
● Compared to fuel-based heat pumps, heat pumps are much safer.
● Heat pumps depend on electricity to run.
● Since there is no fuel burned to generate electricity, a heat pump in Auckland comes with
improved safety.
Are you wondering whether investing in a heat pump in Auckland would be worth it? It definitely will be
if you are looking for a heating and cooling solution for your home. However, as a responsible
homeowner, you need to get the heat pump Auckland maintained and serviced at regular intervals.
With a smoothly working heat pump, you can enjoy the comfort of a perfectly temperature-regulated
indoor environment. It is a key element of a healthy home. To choose the right heat pump for your
home, contact Reliance Ventilation Systems (RVS). Top heat pump brands that RVS deals with include
Daikin, Carrier, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi.

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