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Top 5 Algo Trading Platforms To Start Trading

Automation has efficiently improved many different services and tech performance, which naturally optimized user experience for people. AI advancements, in particular, have come up in different industries, including the trading markets. 

In this context, the focus on algorithm trading increased recently across different regions, and investors are adopting different decisions, like using any dynamic Options Trading Strategy in Algo Trading. For this overall process, choosing the right Algo trading platform is important. In this post, you will get to know the top 5 reliable ones available in the market today.

  1. SpeedBot 

SpeedBot is a reliable and user-oriented Options Trading Platform, which is useful for varied types of the userbase, like working professionals, day traders, amateur traders, and trade gurus alike.

The algorithms running in this software quickly analyze, understand, and offer insightful data reports on different factors, like future market growth factors, options, and stocks. Use the app with strong cloud support for optimized security, besides the various regulations, it is compatible with.

Use this Algo trading app to trade across many signification exchanges like BSE and NSE. Participate after carefully assessing all data. 

Best Features:

  • Get Bot Creator support like the modern No-code creator. 
  • Get detailed heatmap charts on monthly/annual returns. 
  • Acquire real-time precise Analysis reports for comprehensive insights on the marketplace, bot performance, and more. 
  • Access to cumulation returns in a graphical report form. 
  1. eToro Copy Trader

One of the highly popular and efficient forex brokers that global users respect is eToro. This platform supports a lot of different forex market-related portfolios for users to access. In one comprehensive environment, you can use this platform to keep track of your varied deals and trades in commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, EFTs, and indices.

Besides being an Automated Algo Trading App, this platform also offers copy trading benefits to users. With this function, users can create a copied portfolio from advanced traders without any additional cost. 

Best Features:

  • A minimum of USD 10 is necessary for trading, and USD 200 for automated copy trading. 
  • No high or hidden costs or management fees. 
  • Pay only the necessary swap fees related to overnight trades or regular spreads for CFD trades.
  • Check risk scores, portfolios, and stats of other traders. 
  1. IG

 Another reliable Algo trading application that users find extremely useful to deal with is IG. It is supported with MetaTrader 4 and ProRealTime solutions. Not to mention, traders using this API software can get faster trade execution and results with unique Algo trading strategies, which occur automatically on the app. 

Beginner-level users find this platform useful, especially with the vast range of tutorials and training resources available here. Other than these benefits, users can expect a lot of different financial instruments for access available here. These include options like CFDs, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, etc. 

Best Features:

  • Get around 20% lower spreads via this platform on EUR/USD.
  • With advanced MT4 support, easily accessible through any platform, you use it on. 
  • Robust platform with quick and precise alerts on market fluctuations. 
  • Expect transparent and competitive costs for the services. 
  1. Bitcode AI

Unlike the other options, this automated trading software caters specifically to the cryptocurrency market. Developers of this platform use proprietary AI technologies here to automatically create quick and profitable crypto trading strategies. 

Besides using this platform as a passive income source, one can also use it to monitor the market and instantly activate trades. This software allows users the ability to trade with a variety of different cryptocurrencies without automated algorithms available for support. 

Best Features:

  • Get accurate information on changes in crypto valuation in real time. 
  • Multiple currency pairs and cryptocurrency types are supported. 
  • The AI-powered algorithm detects market-centric fluctuations and extra valuable data. 
  • It automatically monitors all your active transactions and account condition. 
  1. AvaTrade

Another excellent platform that you should seriously take note of as an automated trading platform solution is AvaTrade. While you would not get an intuitive app version of this platform for Algo trading, it is a reliable choice due to MT4/MT5 support. Due to these integrations, users get high-quality Algo trading strategies while utilizing this platform. 

Indeed, all you have to do is register and launch your AvaTrade account. Then, it is possible to sync the account details and operation with MT5. On AvaTrade, you can expect copies of 10,000+ traders and other platforms that the platform further supports. Expect multiple types of financial instruments for forex trading via CFDs here, like stock indexes, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. 

Best Features:

  • Supports MT4, MT5, and WebTrade, among others. 
  • Expect very tight spreads and around 400:1 leverage.
  • No commissions or hidden charges. 
  • A wide range of fiat and cryptocurrencies are supported.


The software options mentioned here are highly effective for streamlined Algo trading processes and services. Consider the best features they assure their users and select the right Options Trading App that supports all the main processes you will require for your options trading experience. Then, make your final decision.

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John Oliver
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