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Tips For Choosing The Best Motorized Curtains Dubai For Your Home

We can’t deny the increasing popularity of motorized curtains in homes, offices, and other business places. No doubt, they are very convenient to use and also create a very sophisticated environment in your room with their elegance. That’s the reason nowadays’ curtain markets are loaded with motorized curtains Dubai.

Having too many options while choosing something is quite good, but sometimes it creates too much confusion. If you are also confused while choosing the curtains for your bedroom or living room and want expert tips, then this article is going to be very informative for you.

7 Tips To Select The Ideal Curtains

Here are some tips that you can follow and get the perfect automated curtains for your home.

1. Choose The Ideal Motor Type

When you are thinking of buying curtains, the very first thing that you have to select is the type of motor for your curtains. There are almost four different types of motors that are used in curtains. An electric motor, a rechargeable battery motor, a quiet motor, and a Motorized Simple Pull.

You can select any of them according to the requirements of your windows. In electric motor curtains, there is an electric circuit on the left or right side of the curtains that are connected to the electric power supply and is mostly operated by the remote.

In rechargeable battery motors, there is no circuit; instead, there is a micro USB. This can also be operated remotely. 

If you want a completely peaceful opening and closing mechanism for curtains, then you can select a quiet motor. This motor has a minimal sound, even less than the electric motor curtains.

The motorized simple pull motor curtains are not operated with a remote. You have to pull a ball chain to operate them. These curtains are the least expensive ones.

2. Select The Best Curtain Fabric That Fulfills All Your Needs

After selecting the motor for your curtains, now select the best fabric for them. There are unlimited types, designs, and styles of fabrics on the market that you can use for your curtains. Opaque fabrics such as velvet, silk, cotton, and microfiber provide a high level of privacy in the room, which is why they are mostly used in bedrooms.

Heavy opaque fabrics like velvet also provide sound and heat insulation for the room. Light-filtering fabrics such as sheer, voile, organza, chiffon, and lace are used in living spaces where very little privacy is required.

3. Pick The Best Opening Style Of Curtains

Many people think that motorized curtains can only open and close in just one style. But there are different opening styles of curtains, like blinds. If you want to close your curtains on the left side, then ask the manufacturers for this. You can also select a style in which curtains close on the right side.

If you want a central opening, then you can also select this. In this way, the curtain fabric will be gathered in the middle of the window.

4. Go For The Right Size 

If you are buying ready-made motorized curtains Dubai, then they are available in standard sizes, but if you have some different styles of windows, then you have to get customized curtains. You should always select the right size of curtains according to the windows so they properly cover them and look completely gorgeous.

I suggest you get custom-made curtains. They will definitely fulfill all the needs of the room and look more beautiful than ready-made curtains.

5. Never Compromise On The Quality And Durability Of Curtains

When you are buying curtains, look at their quality. Always try to buy high-quality curtains for your windows hence they last for a long time without the need for maintenance. The durability of the curtains’ fabric and the motor is very necessary. When the fabric and motor are durable, your curtains can easily resist many damages and remain new for a longer time duration.  

6. Try To Find A Smart Home Integration System

When buying curtains, you must look for the Smart Home integration feature in them. Many manufacturers provide curtains with this system. In this way, you can easily operate your curtains with the help of Siri, Google Home, or Alexa.

Many manufacturers provide this system along with the curtains, and many ask that you purchase it separately. You should ask the manufacturer before buying whether he is offering it with curtains or not.

7. Avoid Extremely Expensive Options

I must ask you to avoid extremely expensive options for the motorized curtains. Try to find an affordable curtain pair for your windows. It is not a good idea to invest thousands of dollars in just window treatments. There are many manufacturers who provide high-quality, fully customized curtains at reasonable rates.


Motorized curtains in Dubai are very popular for homes and commercial areas because they provide the next level of comfort to operate. They are also very easy to maintain and last for a long time. The selection of motorized curtains becomes easy for you when you choose the right motor type, size, and quality. 

I hope now you are prepared to dive into the market for motorized curtains and get an ideal pair from them.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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