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Things You Need to Know About Toyota Left Hand Drive Cars

Everything you need to know about LHD cars

Do you have a thing for left-hand drive cars? are you looking for Toyota Left Hand Drive Cars for Sale in UKWe have prepared a guide that covers almost everything you need to know about using LHD vehicles in the UK.

What is the difference between Left hand and right-hand cars?

There are a few differences between the two. In an LHD car, your driving seat along with the steering, gearbox, clutch, and gas paddle/accelerator are all located on the left side. While in a right-hand drive car, the entire arrangement is on the right. 

Why are there LHD and RHD vehicles?

LHD cars were built for right-hand traffic but as most of the countries shifted to Left-hand traffic, car manufacturers shifted to producing Right-hand drive vehicles. Many regions around the globe however still use the left-hand traffic rule and nearly all allow both.

Why do RHD cars follow the left-hand drive rule?

Europeans have been travelling on the left side of the roads way before cars were even invented and it has very strange reasoning. If you are walking or moving on the left, you can use your right hand conveniently to defend yourself or attack someone with your sword. This is also the same reasoning that governs the spiral staircases of castles. As you go down, it is relatively convenient to defend yourself with your right hand or do some stabbing downwards. Following this precedent, it became a part of British law during the nineteenth century that carriages and horses were to use the left side of the road.

Are LHD cars automatic or manual?

LHD cars are available in both automatic and manual transmission. If you are new to LHD Cars and want to buy one, you may want to prefer the one with automatic transmission, that way you can get easily comfortable with an LHD without worrying about using the clutch every time you change the gear. 

Why would anyone want an LHD car?

There could be several reasons for this. You might have a special emotional value attached to a left-hand drive car. You might be moving to a country where LHD cars are used. You might have moved to the UK from a country which uses LHD cars and you don’t want to let go of your favourite vehicle. You might want an imported vehicle which is only available in LHD.

Toyota Left Hand Drive Cars for Sale in UK
Toyota Left Hand Drive Cars for Sale in UK

How to get an LHD car in the UK?

Several dealers in the United Kingdom deal in LHD vehicles. They buy and sell LHD throughout the region. This can save a lot of time for someone who is either trying to buy or sell an LHD vehicle. You can find anything from a Left Hand Drive Range Rover for Sale to Toyota Left Hand Drive Cars for Sale in the UK.

Are you allowed to use an LHD vehicle in the United Kingdom?

You can use both LHD and RHD in the United Kingdom. You can even bring one or import from another country. Just make sure you get it registered here in the United Kingdom. You will have to pay import tax if you import the vehicle from another country.

Is there any insurance issue?

You just have to inform your insurance company that your vehicle is LHD. There are no special insurance requirements or restrictions. There is no additional charge or fee. 

Is there anything else which is important?

  • Vehicle headlights are usually offset for avoiding dazzling the oncoming traffic. Make sure that the headlights of your LHD are pointing in the right direction.
  • Many UK vehicles require corrective stickers if they are to be used in Europe, while it is a legal requirement to install headlamp adapters in LHD cars if they are to be used in the UK. 
  • You can be fined and your insurance will be invalidated if you do not comply with the above.
  • With an LHD car, you have to remember that you will be driving in an entirely different position, if you are using an LHD car for the first time, make sure you do some practise before you hit the road.
  • If you are not well acquainted with an LHD car, be extra careful when overtaking another vehicle because it will be difficult to see the oncoming traffic from the left side.
  • Be careful of the speed limits if you have brought or imported your LHD from a region which uses a speedometer with a different set of units (km/hr) instead of miles/hr.

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