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Things to Know Before Growing Bottlebrush from Plant Nursery

Bottlebrush plant is the common name of Callistemon citrinus, which is a commonly found tree in tropical and subtropical areas. They are beautiful trees with very thin needle-like flowers, which are very soothing to look at. These plants require little attention during their blooming time and can grow on their own later. They can grow up to 30 feet in height with flowering time during warm months. Their woody stem has erect, balanced, and solid herbaceous upper portions. Their leaves are acute with gland-dotted surfaces with inframarginal veins. Here is what to consider while planting Citrinus you have bought from a plant nursery.

Requirements to grow Bottlebrush plant

1. Sun

They bloom best when positioned directly under the sun and require ample sunlight to grow. They are capable of tolerating the hottest afternoon of summer. The sunnier the weather would be, the more flowers you will get

2. Soil

These plants can sustain in many different soil types. They are usually found in swamps, near rocky streams and along watercourses and are capable of tolerating poor soil conditions. Their ideal soil for best growth is loamy, moist and well-drained. Consult your nearest plant nursery to know more about the soil requirements of this plant.  

3. Water 

Bottlebrush plants require regular watering in their initial stage of growth. Once established, they can even tolerate drought fairly well. It is important to water every week for the first 6 months of plantation or anytime the soil seems dry during the period. 

Watering instruction – To ensure flowering in spring and autumn, you must water well in early springs if the region receives minimal or late rain.

4. Climate 

The tree grows well in coastal areas, tropical areas and semi-arid environments and is comfortable with both cold and warm temperate climates. 

Pro tip – It can tolerate light frost. In case of heavy frost, wrap the tree with a sheet or muslin overnight.

5. Nutrients 

Bottlebrush is a very easily cared for plant that needs very low maintenance .They require little to no additional fertilisers and get most of the nutrients from the soil itself. 

Growth Tip – To support strong growth, you can apply a slow dose of low-phosphorus or a natural fertiliser in the spring.

How fast does it grow

The bottlebrush grows at a slow but steady rate of about 90 cm per year in ideal conditions. For this, it is essential that the plant receives a favourable climate, adequate sunlight and the right type of soil. Given this, it should grow to its full height and spread in 30 years. 

Are bottlebrush roots invasive

They are considered to be non-invasive root systems. It has been noted that they do no harm to pipes, walls, foundations or any kind of infrastructure. They are hydrophilic and naturally try to spread toward the closest water source. They are in no way capable of causing any damage to your property.  

Are bottlebrush trees messy

The crimson bottlebrush is an evergreen tree. So there is no need to worry about leaves all around in the fall. However, the flowers are known for shedding. You can expect a fine carpet of red needle-like flowers twice yearly during warm months. Therefore, it is best to plant it accordingly, away from pools and walking areas. 

Does the plant attract pests

They do not attract harming pests, but good pollen agents are naturally attracted to them. Nectar-loving birds and insects are usually found flying around this plant. They can be a highlight of your garden, with butterflies and bees around them all the time. 


Bottleplant can be a great asset to your garden and indoors. With their easy maintenance and high sustainability in most weather, they are commonly planted. Visit your nearest plant nursery and buy yourself this beautiful tree. 

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