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Things to Know About Loft Conversions

Windows and doors don’t have the best look, but they’re also vital safety features. In this post, we can go through the essentials you may want to consider whilst planning your new Loft Conversions in Watford.

Fire Doors

Fire doorways are essential in loft conversions.  You will want to exchange any contemporary doors inside the loft to fire doors, and any new doors delivered to the attic also want to be fire rated.

Building rules state that you want to create a safe corridor from the loft to the outside of the building; the best way to do this would be to exchange all contemporary rooms for rooms at the escape route to fire doors.

The purpose of fitting fire doors is to provide an escape corridor between the loft and the outside door, ensuring that if there is fire everywhere in the house, those inside the loft conversion may want to make a safe go out.

Door Closers

Building Regulations now let fire doors fit without self-closers, as a few homeowners didn’t like how they looked. The critical thing to consider with fire doors is using them well and keeping them closed to protect the getaway route, specifically at night.


All loft conversions require a window via which someone should break out if the stairway does not, for a few reasons, provide a safe escape route.  Building Regulations kingdom that window openings should be 450mm or broader to comply with this.

These home windows should be furnished with non-locking clasps, also available on general windows for fire escape situations. Release Restrictors are also suggested. Escape windows in the loft should be easy access to and close to the attic stage, which is vital in case of a rescue from the outdoor.

In huge homes with a loft ground place of greater than 50m², or greater than two rooms used for living space, it’s high-quality to test with nearby Building Control as other fire safety requirements can be applicable.

About BBS Construction UK:

BBS Construction UK has effectively brought lofts to life for several years and is the leading loft conversion professional. Our expert services of expert loft conversion layout, high first-rate craftsmanship, and attentive consumer care guarantees that your loft conversion is created to get its finest ability, installed with each performance and with minimal inconvenience.

Loft Conversion Myths Out of action:

A loft conversion may be an effective tool to add more cost to your home, not to say space and another room to enjoy. However, a few can pull away from working to their houses for fear of not knowing how to comply with specific rules.

Here at BBS Construction UK, we’re specialists – we handiest do loft conversions. Our incredibly educated crew makes a speciality of one building exchange place, making us broadly visible as specialists. We idea we’d make an effort to bust a few myths surrounding loft conversions and percentages with you the way easy and profitable it may be.

WCs are allowed anywhere

It used to be the case that the bathroom needed to be separated from different rooms by using a ventilated lobby (for hygiene reasons). However, the construction rules in this have been barely comfy – as long as the WC has airflow and a sink. This way that if a toilet is something you’d like to include in your loft extension, you may now get this very simply.

There isn’t any ratio to the room kind that you have to stick to

Your loft conversion is just that – yours. For example, there may be no illegal requirement to have more than one bathroom depending on the number of bedrooms your house has (except you lease it out to over five persons!) However, balancing your home is constantly an excellent idea. It may be beneficial to add an en-suite bathroom if size restraints don’t let you stretch to a whole toilet.

There is no felony minimum ceiling top

Although the felony minimum ceiling peak has now been removed from the Building Rules, there may still be a practical minimal top. This is worth thinking about while considering your loft conversion. Ideally, lofts must have a minimum floor-to-ceiling height of two.1 meter, and as a minimum, 50% of the floor space must also have this minimum peak in any room where the ceiling slopes.

No, remember how you imagine your Dormer Loft Conversion ; BBS Construction UK lets you do each step. Let’s bust these myths together – contact us for more details. We guarantee you know every inch of your loft conversion, counting your safety when adorning your new space.

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