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The Power of Advertisement: Where to Publish Your Ad and How to Think Strategically?

Advertisements have a long history which is sometimes funny, sometimes surprising, and even shocking. It’s funny that people needed to advertise in 3000 BC, but it’s also shocking that the ad was about a slave who escaped from the owner. Luckily, today’s advertisements are more positive and interesting, yet as effective as they were 50, 100, or 200 years ago. 

In the meantime, strategies to advertise any kind of product or content have changed, based on the invention of new technologies and the preferences current consumers have. With this being said, advertisement is a powerful tool for businesses if it has been used correctly and targeted. In this article, we are going to cover some aspects of effective advertisements, emphasizing the importance of the right placement of the ad content for the best result.

Placement is a key factor, and since the most active platform for advertisers is the digital realm, every channel in there has uniqueness and some specifications. People heavily using TikTok have different preferences from those who spend more time on Twitch and watch poker tournaments. So, let’s start from here.

Tech Blogs and Channels

The latest available data we could find is from 2021 when the total number of websites in the world was 1.88 billion. This is a huge number and to be realistic, not all of these websites are active or quality. Many of them have specific niches, and let’s talk about tech websites and understand when they can be considered a good option for ad placements.

This niche works perfectly for companies that are tech-related, for instance, software development, mobile production, etc. Tech itself is an umbrella term, and there are sub-niches to be more specific. Many sites write about cryptocurrencies only, and they have readers who are prone to click on any crypto-related content. It’s not surprising that cryptocurrency casino platforms prefer to advertise their content with these websites to reach out to potential users. The logic is quite good because there is also a good connection between the website content and casinos that offer only crypto games. Having a banner on such websites will fit naturally and will probably gain organic traffic to the gaming platform.

Another option is YouTube, with millions of interesting video content and influencer vloggers. Unlike the websites, the video content may be even more valuable in terms of good ad placement opportunities. When the first ads appeared on YouTube in 2007, the company analyzed different types of online ads, concluding that the most effective ones are the short clips that appear during the videos and could be skipped in a few seconds, in the meantime containing a link to the advertiser.

If a business is sure about its potential or existing customers are fond of certain types of video content, then YouTube niche channels can be a good fit. However, it’s worth mentioning that those ads that interrupt the user experience are usually annoying and may give the opposite results among the audience.

Traditional Banners Are Not Dead

When we discuss digital advertising options, we deal with the online world only, and to succeed, the company would need a good team working on design, content marketing strategies for good traffic, and other valuable aspects. In contrast, traditional banners may contain much more complex considerations in various phases of implementation.

First, let’s highlight that street banners can still be effective for a few reasons, one of which is the immersiveness. It’s not just a picture on a social media timeline, nor is it an irritating short clip during video content. Banners are big, interactive and they are real. Current technologies allow professionals to create amazing impressions for the viewers, using some amount of creativity. That’s why everyone knows about Netflix banners throughout the U.S. about a new movie, or an event.

Since the street banners may be relatively costly, they require more attention to detail in the preparatory phase. It cannot be undone with a click on a keyboard, or edited in a few seconds. Once it’s public, it’s public.

A strategic approach is crucial when thinking about street banners, online, and other types of ads. It is not smart to use them as alternatives, because every type has some strengths and must be used for a higher efficiency. As a simple example, if a digital banner can be meant to reach out to as many people globally as possible, the street banners are strictly localized and cannot be used for broader audiences.

Advertisements are the fuel of almost all types of businesses, and especially the digital world would hardly exist without advertisers. We are in a reality where people are used to seeing banners and video ads, and they become less annoying, but it is also a weakness because, among millions of ads, you can be just lost if it doesn’t stand out and is not creatively thought. So, put creativity in the first place in the ad strategy plan.

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