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The Best Udemy Courses To Become A Web Developer

Although having so many options is fantastic, choosing which Udemy coding courses are appropriate for your objectives sometimes makes it challenging. You can get analysis paralysis when attempting to choose from the numerous excellent Udemy programming courses.

So let’s address that by making it more specific! The post below includes a list of 30 top programming courses available on Udemy, organized into several categories based on your learning objectives. We have you covered if you want to start easy with the top CSS course on Udemy or if you want to begin your career with the top web development courses on Udemy.

We all experience this skepticism whenever we seek to learn anything new. Where do I begin?

If you want to study web development, you no longer need to worry about this since, in 2022, Udemy will provide the greatest web development courses that will allow you to begin your web developer career.

Let’s get going.

Best Udemy Courses For Web Development

Let’s take a closer look at each course and see why they are the top web development courses on Udemy for 2022.

The Complete Web Development Course 2.0

Over 12 chapters, this course takes you from zero to hero. You’ll finish online tasks as you progress through each section.

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 is ranked first because it has the most 5-star reviews of any paid course on Udemy. The course also includes unrestricted site hosting for a year. It is intended to run for six weeks.

Anyone wishing to increase their income by possessing a broad range of web development abilities would benefit greatly from the course.

Rob Percival instructs the course, and the price of the course is $139.99. What’s more interesting is that the course has around 66,745 ratings and is rated 4.6 stars. The course content covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and APIs.

The Complete Web Development 2021: Zero To Mastery

Discover what a developer does all day long and be ready to become one yourself! Graduates of this professionally-led program have obtained employment at prestigious tech firms like Apple, Facebook, and Google.

You’ll learn how to set up your computer with the appropriate web development tools, grasp coding principles from the basics to advanced levels, design practical websites and applications, prepare for the job application process, and more during the course.

Andrei Neagoie instructs this course, which is priced at $99.99. Around 159,024 students are enrolled in the course, and the rating stands at 4.7. 

The course includes 35.5 hours of on-demand video, 46 downloadable resources, and 10+ real-world web development projects you can show off. You’ll learn HTML, Javascript, react, Node.js, machine learning, react + redux, Git + Github, SQL, and more.

The Complete Web Development Bootcamp

This course, among the best-rated on Udemy, is intended to take you from a complete novice to a professional web developer.

The course employs interesting video lessons to teach you the newest languages and technologies used at top firms worldwide. It is taught by the principal teacher at a top London coding Bootcamp App Brewery.

Through various worthwhile hands-on projects, including 25+ genuine, practical websites you can add to your portfolio, you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Angela Yu is the master trainer of this course, and the course price is $129.99. With 130,547 ratings, the rating of the course stands at 4.7 stars. The course includes 54+ hours of video lectures, code challenges and exercises, fully fledged projects, programming resources and cheats sheets, and $12,000+ web development Bootcamp course material and curriculum. This course teaches HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bash command line, Node.js, Git, MongoDB, Express.js, SQL, and React.

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2021

The only course on Udemy taught by a professional Bootcamp teacher who has assisted hundreds of individuals in becoming developers; this one is the most thorough course on web programming available. The finest Udemy course for full-stack developers is this one due to the level of information and training.

Since he assisted his AP Java teacher in high school, Colt, the instructor, has been passing along his coding knowledge to others. Over the past several years, he has directed/written the curriculum for two separate programming boot camps in the Bay Area, General Assembly and Galvanize.

Over 60 hours of content in this Udemy course take you from a total novice to a full-stack developer. The course includes 614 lectures, 63 hours of videos, code-along, projects, and exercises, including a browser-based game and a to-do application. This course teaches JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4.1.3, Node, HTML, CSS, Express, MongoDB, Git, Command Line, and more.

Build Responsive Real World Websites With HTML5 and CSS3

This Udemy course is excellent for novices since it primarily focuses on HTML and CSS—the web’s underlying technologies. According to students, this is the top-rated HTML5 and CSS3 course on Udemy and the greatest CSS course available.

By the conclusion of the course, you should have a solid enough grasp of HTML and CSS to create websites on your own from scratch. Additionally, this course goes above and above by covering not just the fundamentals of HTML and CSS but also:

1-How to build responsive websites for all screen widths (desktop, tablet, and smartphone).

2- How to launch your website online.

Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 is the best Udemy web development course for complete beginners or designers seeking a basic introduction to HTML and CSS, in my opinion.

Jonas Schmedtmann teaches this course for $124.99. The rating of the course is 4.5 stars, and the course teaches HTML5, CSS3, and some jQuery. The course includes 77 lectures, 12 hours of videos, downloadable lectures, code, and design assets, access to the mentor, and free access to the e-book.

Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-By-Step Guide to Git

Those who wish to start utilizing it should take this course. (In my view, best for those with some experience with HTML and CSS and who want to begin utilizing Github.)

The course begins with a discussion of how to install Git on both Windows and Mac, then moves on to a quickstart overview of Github, covers the fundamentals of branching and merging, and finishes by discussing more advanced topics like rebasing, stashing, and tagging.

People who want to become web developers, designers, software engineers, or even technical leaders should take this course (like project managers who work with developers).

Jason Taylor mentors this course at the price of $139.99. The course includes 84 lectures and nearly 4 hours of screencast-based video training.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our discussion of the top Udemy courses to learn Web development in 2022. To help you find a course that fits your learning style and makes the most of it, I’ve included ones that are frequently project-based, interactive, and engaging. All of these are excellent choices, but you should base your decision on how well you get along with the teacher.

In order to become a good web developer, you can go through these courses, find the right one for yourself, and roll with it. Furthermore, you can also provide Custom web design services  on freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

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