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How To Embed Instagram Profile On Website For Multiple Source/Usernames

Embed Instagram profile – The success of their businesses, according to more than 90% of marketers, is largely due to social media marketing. The majority of individuals have moved to Instagram to share their great moments, as much as how people once shared breathtaking captures on social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram can give your business the boost it requires if you take appropriate steps like posting regular and relevant stories, considering the best time to post on Instagram, color-coordinating your feed, following themes, etc.

It is therefore beneficial for your business to continue interacting with users on your blog or website by embedding posts or your Instagram profile.

This blog will demonstrate today how to embed instagram feed on website and posts from multiple usernames and sources. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Easiest Ways To Successfully Embed An Instagram Profile On Your Website For Multiple Usernames

  • How to Insert One Post or Video

Avoiding the use of any third parties or plugins when adding a single Instagram post or video to your website is our best advice. You can embed a different post on your website utilizing Instagram’s free embed function.

Imagine that you must incorporate an Instagram post onto your website. In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to accomplish that:

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner by clicking. As you click, you may see the options. 
  • Click embed after that. A code will appear.
  • The code should be copied. You can also choose to add a caption for the post. You can just omit the if you want to exclude it.
  • Go to your website and navigate to the webpage or section where you want to embed the Instagram post. 
  • Paste the embed code and save the changes. 
  • You would have successfully embedded an Instagram post on your website! 
  • How to Integrate an Instagram Profile into a Website

Here are the current WordPress plugins embedding options for Instagram profiles. Although there are many plugins, the following are the most common ones:

Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin 

Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin is a leading social media aggregation plugin that enables users to effortlessly collect, curate, and embed Instagram posts on their website. This plugin is supremely easy to use and comes with a set of promising features that make it even more responsive. The users have the option to customize the Instagram widget by choosing from a large number of styling options like themes, templates, fonts, colors, and much more. 

Additionally, the users can also control the content quality of the widget by eliminating any unwanted content from the widget. The advanced analytics of the plugin allows the users to track the performance of the widget once it is published on the website. The other additional features of the plugin are anytime back support assistance, automatic real time content updates, etc. Overall, this plugin is supremely easy to use and can complete the entire embedding process in a couple of minutes. 

Displaying an Instagram feed and a Tag gallery on your website is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do it. A gallery or a carousel slider can be used to embed Instagram Feed from your Instagram account.

It’s fairly easy to use this plugin. Request access to the token by connecting your Instagram account. Adding the shortcode where you want the feeds to appear after installing the plugin.

Shortcodes for the WP Instagram Feed Gallery are [insta-gallery id=”1″], [insta-gallery id=”2″,”[insta-gallery id=”3″], etc.

Instagram Feed By 10 Web 

A configurable and stylish webflow instagram feed can be shown on your website with the help of 10 Web, another user-friendly plugin.

The Instagram feed by 10 Web is an easy-to-use plugin that enables you to show all the most recent Instagram feeds on the website for a single profile embedded in a single account.

The plugin’s features and settings enable you to tailor the feed to your preferences, making it a wonderful option for bloggers, food bloggers, photographers, etc.

In addition to this, the plugin can be adjusted to fit different screen widths. Making it a decent fit for users who want to incorporate their Instagram feed on the website.

Key Takeaways 

We are ready to conclude this post and you are now ready to easily embed Instagram posts from different profiles on your website. All the above mentioned methods are easy to follow and simply require you to follow the steps. 

This strategy has proven to be one of the best and most effective marketing moves as it can help brand marketers to improve the effectiveness and impact of their brand website. Instagram, being one of the most vibrant social media platforms generates feeds that can help you to reap incredible benefits as well.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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