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The Best Spas in Islamabad to Unwind and Relax

How do you feel after a long, hard day at work? If you’re like most people, you’re probably not feeling very relaxed and probably just want to get back home and take off all your clothes in front of the TV. But have you ever thought about going to one of the best spas in Islamabad instead? You could use some expert help with your sore muscles, relax in the sauna or Jacuzzi, and maybe even treat yourself to one of their incredible massages!

Indulge yourself

Spa hopping is a popular pastime when you are looking for relaxation and it can be tricky figuring out where the best spa is. One of the many perks of living in Islamabad is that you have your pick of many spas to choose from – so why not spoil yourself with a trip there? Whether you are looking for a day or evening session, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of spa experiences perfect for all types of individuals. You’ll find spots like Elite Style, ZEN Day Spa, Royal Olive Tree and Maple Leaf which offer hair services as well as spa packages.

Treat Yourself

Whether you’re looking for a private space to catch up on some reading, need a pampering session or want something therapeutic, spas offer many opportunities for relaxation. From mud baths and rainforest showers to sea salt scrubs, treatments help visitors escape the everyday stresses of life. However, finding the best spa for your needs is not always an easy task. Which one should you go with? Where is it located? What are its hours? Is it as peaceful as it looks? How will you get there from work or home? To find the best spa for your needs, we put together this list of top best spas in Islamabad that we recommend visiting soon!

Pamper Yourself

Get pampered with these top spa services offered in the city of Islamabad. The best time to visit a spa is when you need some R&R or are looking for ways to de-stress. Pakistan has a variety of spas that offer professional massage services, anti-aging treatments, facials, scrubs, skin care treatment, as well as body wraps. What’s even better is that most spas will give you discount rates during the weekends. A good time to look out for deals would be on social media pages like Instagram where many spas provide daily deals on their feed. With your new year resolutions kicking into gear, there’s no better way to rejuvenate yourself than through the power of good ole fashion relaxation at one of our recommended best spas in Islamabad below:
Here’s our list of top five best spa places in Islamabad:
1) Centaurus Spa
2) Bodyline Spa
4) Inkaya Wellness Spa Resort
5) Lotus Spa

Stay at Home with these At-Home Spa Treatments

Looking for the best spa in Islamabad? At-home spa treatments are more popular than ever before. Staying at home means you don’t have to worry about braving a cold weather for your facial, massage, or pedicure. You can keep your wallet closer too: because we offer 60% off discounts of our signature services from the comfort of your own living room! Some of our most popular treatments include full body massages, manicures & pedicures, and full face waxing services. Best of all, these at-home spa treatments are perfect for individuals looking for luxury pampering at an affordable price!

Pamper Her

Spa treatments are an easy way to pamper yourself, but what is the best spa treatment? This can be answered differently by each person. All of our spas offer a variety of treatments that will make you feel pampered, special, and relaxed. We have a selection of facials, massages, baths, body therapies and more that cater to all the senses. Some people might enjoy the ambiance created at some spas while others prefer gentler treatments. These are just some examples of things we offer here at So Sweet Spa Salon where our clients are treated like family by caring employees who want nothing more than your happiness!

Pamper Him

Hospitals are stressful, tense environments. You walk into a busy waiting room with stained, cracked seats lined up like sardines and weathered signs that say Do Not Eat. Worst of all, they smell bad! The latest study by Career Builder is reporting that the number one cause of stress among American workers is the lack of downtime. That’s where the local spa comes in handy. In order to help you find the best spa in Islamabad for some TLC, here are some reviews I’ve found around town.

Make it a Romantic Date Night Under the Stars by Staying at the Marriott Hotel & Spa, Islamabad.

Whether you are looking for a Best Spa or just a retreat from the hustle of your city life, the Marriott Hotel & Spa is the perfect place for romantic dates under the stars. Located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan’s capital city, this Marriott Hotel & Spa is within close proximity to popular attractions like Murree Heights and Hasan Abdal. Nestled in 72 acres of lush green forest, surrounded by three man-made lakes that provide excellent fishing opportunities and picnic spots, you can enjoy superb views at every turn. At this lovely Best Spa -comfortable with 106 guest rooms -you will receive personalized attention from highly qualified staff who take care of all the details while you relax.

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