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Test: Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid AllGrip SZ5

Wapcar Automotive News – It is the same story with the newly tested Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid as more powerful electric motors have been introduced not only to increase power but also efficiency and economy, and this is also reflected in Lower exhaust emissions figures of course. which means it’s cheaper to tax and penalize professional users less.

In March 2022, the Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid was added to the range, bringing a 140V electric motor with standard and eco modes, in three trim levels and with very standard specifications. goodwill embarrass more expensive cars.

The proven 1.5 liter engine developed for the Vitara Full Hybrid uses a clever piston design to swirl, mix and burn fuel more efficiently and the car has been powered by two 12v batteries, one for ignition and engine functions and other accessories, in addition to 140v lithium-ion traction battery and inverter.

The driver can select the power level and switch from standard with regular backup to eco, which extends the vehicle’s energizing time. At the heart of the system is a generating set that combines starter and generator to manage all aspects of Vitara’s electrical performance, stop/start, on-demand power support and also regenerative to extend battery range when eco mode is selected. It all worked well and efficiently and helped us see a steady 46mpg displayed on the dial, which went up to 48mpg at times and could drop to well over 50mpg with a little effort.

Despite the intricacies of the powertrain, the test car was mechanically smooth, with noise only increasing slightly under load and acceleration.

Our six-speed automatic is smooth, but shifts are better if you depress the throttle when you reach the shift point and it can be jerky if you use your right foot heavily. You have both fully automatic or semi-automatic manual levers to use at will and are supported by paddles on the pole.

The brakes are strong and slow when releasing the gas, so in some traffic conditions don’t need to use the brakes if you read the road and release the gas in time. Firmly applied, the brake actually slows down inconspicuously but effectively and the handbrake is strong.

The Suzuki Vitara isn’t a particularly large car and it has good agility and steering without backing, nice action and a sense of progress on twisty roads, with a useful rotation when parking. car or drive in town.

The secondary controls are partially obscured by wheel spokes for the lights and wipers, but they really do a good job with the long, wide beam and washed-out front and rear screens.

Heating and ventilation controls for temperature and fan are rotary knobs, with push buttons to select distribution direction assisted by heating, air conditioning/fresh air/recirculation monitor buttons. All of them work well and fill the cabin with the flow you want, but you have the benefit of a sunroof and power windows that open in large and shaded sections, although the rear pair doesn’t drop completely.

A reasonably sized infotainment screen shows audio/connectivity/navigation, but we had a hard time getting it to work with mobile phones at times and it was slow and wobbly. outdated with some posted speed limits. The output quality of the radio stations is also average and it has trouble finding and keeping the station in some places.

The Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid features a variety of driver assistance and safety systems, including intelligent cruise control, a blind-spot monitor and a rear-view camera, as well as front and rear parking sensors. All of this help reduce stress and anxiety as well as minimize possible damage to your vehicle or driver’s license.

As a family car, the storage room is very good with plenty of space everywhere and a decently sized trunk in the rear, although some space has been lost with the larger battery pack now fitted. equipment and it can increase significantly when the rear seats are lowered.

The trunk access is good with the low lip and high opening fifth door, the shape is reasonable and for occupants, the doors open wide and you can squeeze through them without bending too much.

When inside, the front seats have a good but not special journey, recline easily and the driver can also change the height. The rear has good legroom and plenty of room and it’s all neatly clothed with support bars and cushions.

The car rides well, is a bit solid, and has occasional bumps in the cabin, but it’s usually just the rumble of the road and suspension noise that lets you know how bad the surface is.

Low hips, deep windows and thin pillars allow for good panoramic views and with the sunshade opening the cabin is very airy.

Driving the Vitara Full Hybrid is an easy experience with decent but not overwhelming acceleration, and good grip, and the body doesn’t roll or roll too much under the brakes or throttle. A rotary control next to the gear selector controls the 4×4 system settings for normal or poor traction conditions, and you can select the position fully automatically to allow the vehicle to determine the configuration, the best figure for a task.

If you read your model’s owner’s manual, there are some helpful tips to save as much money as possible and I encourage every driver to read their car’s manual to get the most out of it. buy their expensive goods.

The Full Hybrid system means you don’t have to plug it in at one point, and the powertrain is so well designed that you can cover a good distance on battery alone, perhaps a typical commute, without no compromise needed. It certainly works best on the highway, where it can merge into the lanes and recharge into the hills, but highway journeys require some restraint under the right foot.

Even if you hit hard, the petrol engine means you won’t have to worry about electricity building up as the cruise progresses. In terms of efficiency, ease of driving, economy and fun, the Suzuki Full Hybrid offers excellent value for money.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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