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Stumble Guys is an exciting multiplayer royale race game

Most battle royale games need players to kill or be killed by other players in order to win. Thus, a multi-player race to the finish line is still another type of battle royale game. As you race against other players in this very competitive multiplayer game, you’ll need to be able to confidently jump, slide, and skip across obstacles on the many different platforms. The point of the game is to avoid falling off, but you have to be careful. Stumble Guys is the name of the song if you haven’t heard it yet. You’ll have a blast with this Kitka Games game, which is packed with perilous challenges.

In Stumble Guys, you and up to 31 other players compete in a thrilling “battle royale” style race to the finish. The race’s end goal is simple: be the first of at least the first 16 participants to cross the finish line. After that, there will be an increasingly smaller pool of competitors in subsequent rounds. Last but not least, all you have to do to win is cross the finish line first. Here are some guidelines to follow if you want to constantly come out on top in Stumble Guys, an entertaining battle royale game.

Stumble Guys Wallpaper

Learn How to Control the Camera

The controls in Stumble Guys won’t be any different than those in any other platformer game. On the left side of the display is a joystick, while on the right is a jump button and a speech bubble emote button. However, you may not be aware that you can also operate the camera. Swiping your thumb or finger over the screen is all that’s required, and it comes in handy in certain maps like Stumble Soccer.

Watch Those Ads

Did you know that if you watch five adverts on Facebook every day, you can earn free skin? Every match, no matter the outcome, rewards players with gems and a free skin. The jewel is yours for the watching of a single commercial. If you view an advertisement, you will receive a skin that can be used indefinitely. However, there can only be a total of 50 videos. If you want more gems, it’s best to wait and watch the commercials that play after the game ends.

Save Those Gems in Stumble Guys

The more gems you have, the more skins and other cosmetic stuff you’ll want to buy. You should keep them for the chance to buy a Stumble Pass later. The Punching emote, which allows you to physically strike your enemies and knock them back, will become available to you at this point. If you want this emote but don’t want to spend actual money on it, save up and buy it with gems. Getting enough jewels to keep will take time, but at least you get free skin every day. Even if there are only 50 adverts where you can get free gems, you can still get the other half by entering freebies and winning tournaments. 

Stumble Guys Finish Line

Watch Out for Players with Special Emotes

Be aware of other players in Stumble Guys who have the Punching emote if you don’t. Some of the athletes, for instance, have a boxing glove perched on their heads. That shopper has already invested in the Stumble Pass that includes the Punching expression. There are players with a heart emote that may hug and carry another player, frequently off a cliff, much like the Punching gloves emote. Therefore, you should be wary of these players, most of whom are seasoned pros. Maps like Tile Fall, Laser Tracer, and Bombardment are especially vulnerable to such attacks. These are tricky levels that can push you to the brink of insanity.

Air Dashing without Killing Yourself

You practice your Air Dash by attempting various jumps while in flight. When you land, you’ll be stuck sliding on your stomach for a split second, but in midair, you’ll be able to move far more quickly. It’s helpful if you can avoid obstacles, accelerate up, or slip past a group of people. However, you must use caution, as an incorrect air dash can result in instant death.

Jump to Belly Slide in Stumble Guys

Jumping is all that’s required to perform a belly slide. Remember to leap on a steep enough slope if you want to speed up your belly slide. You’ll pick up speed, which will give you an advantage over the competition. However, it is recommended that you keep in mind that jumping anywhere can initiate the belly slide. You may use these strategies and more to become a Stumble Snow Rider 3D. Adhere to them, and you’ll increase your chances of victory.

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