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High Heels Reviews

Try your hand at High Heels if you’re in the mood for a casual yet entertaining action game. Zynga has released a straightforward action game. It’s a race to the finish line in an obstacle course game. You can’t perform any of the typical activities you’d do on an obstacle course, like jump, run, slide, etc.

Instead, you amass heels to add height to your existing pair of high heels. Many of the challenges here need a person of considerable height. To succeed, your heel height must exceed that of the wall standing in your way. When you need to cross a gap using only two poles, your long high heels will come in handy. If your heels aren’t long enough, your character will tumble as they split to advance.

The mechanics of High Heels are easy to grasp. However, this does not make the game simple, especially if you want your character to perform a catwalk at the conclusion. If you want to succeed in the action game High Heels, the information in this blog post will come in handy.

High Heels Gameplay

Ensuring You Get To The End

It’s easier said than done, especially at the upper levels, to make it to the finish of the obstacle level. You must go through all of the heels you see if you want to make it to the conclusion. Your heels will be elevated, making it simpler to step over curbs and other impediments. If you’re planning on having your character perform a catwalk at the conclusion, you’ll want to stock up on as many high heels as possible. You’ll still have to climb some stairs before you can do the catwalk.

It’s not necessary to attain the goal to finish the level. The walls won’t be uniform because there will be lower sections. That should be your ultimate goal, as it will mean fewer heels need to be cut off. Try to squeeze through the openings, too, to give your high heels the best chance of survival.

Walking the Tightrope

The tightrope is the most difficult obstacle to overcome in High Heels. You’ll fail the level if you can’t keep both feet firmly planted on the tightrope’s center. Only calm hands will do here; no other tactic will let you get over this challenge. As you proceed, you must maintain as much stability as possible to avoid teetering off the edges.

Tips For Getting More Gems

Gems serve as the game’s currency, and they’re what you’ll need to buy new clothes. You can collect up gems as you progress through the game and use them to unlock bonus levels and other features. However, taking advantage of ad-watching opportunities is the best approach to increase earnings. You can use whatever you’ve collected to make a certain number of gems at the end of each level.

Your income may increase two, three, or even fourfold. In fact, you can make five times as much. A meter with a left/right pointing arrow sits at the very bottom. You can get a lot of gems if you tap at the right time and watch an advertisement. You can get additional gems by watching advertisements, so do that if you can.

Tips To Getting More Keys

While playing High Heels, you can also collect keys. You will use the keys to unlock three trunks. There will be nine different containers, each holding a different number of gems. However, there is a single chest that contains usable clothing. Given that you’ll only be employing 3, that gives you three opportunities to secure the garment. Keys to additional chests can be earned by watching video advertisements, much like gems. 

Heel collection

Acquiring New Outfits

To spice up your High Heels experience, you’ll be able to dress your avatar anyway you like. They can be purchased with diamonds, though. However, you should know that you won’t be given a say in the matter. You can pay gems to gain access to a random clothing or accessory. There is a price range of 600 gems for the least expensive to 900 gems for the most expensive.

The 900 gem alternatives have more attractive clothing and accessories than the 600 gem ones. Ad-viewing is also required to gain access to specific outfits and accessories. You can unlock new clothes as you progress through the game. However, if you want them permanently, you’ll have to sit through some commercials.

High Heels is an enjoyable and exciting action game despite its simplistic nature. This blog post contains Slope game advice that will make the game easier to play, despite the fact that it has certain challenges. You should be more equipped to play High Heel now that you’ve read this.

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