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Step-By-Step Guide To Find A Good IB English Tutor

IB English focuses on both language and literature part. For this reason, the students should have a good grip on literary structures and techniques to understand the given pieces of text. A good ib tuition can help the learners to develop a stronghold on the subject’s basics and score well in the exams. But, finding the right tuition has become a challenge due to so many available options. If you are looking to find a knowledgeable and skilled IB English tutor, check out the below guide to make the search process easy and fast. Let’s start!

What is IB English?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. IB English is an important subject for students pursuing their education from an internationally recognized educational institute. It comes under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Having a good hold on this subject not only allows the students to score well in the exam. but also helps to enhance overall communication skills. It gives a considerable advantage to the learners over their peers, especially while getting a job or internship. IB English examination consists of 2 papers:

Paper 1:

In paper 1, you have to analyze the given unseen passage. This text can be in any format, like a news article or advertisement, based on which, you will be questioned.

Paper 2:

In paper 2, you will see questions based on 2 novels or similar literary works that you studied throughout the session. Rather than cramming the questions, you should focus on the story and social message of the novel to easily answer all the questions asked in the exam.

Note: In Singapore, students can take IB English at two levels, Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL). The HL is taken by students who plan to study literature as a major subject in the university. Whereas SL is opted for by the learners who will just study literature in their diploma program and will not continue it beyond that.

To develop a good knowledge of IB English and clear concepts, most students opt for a home tutor or online tutor. But the initial step is to find a good tutor. So, let’s check out our detailed guide on the same.

How To Find The Perfect IB English Tutor?

Understand Your Learning Requirements

Before you start your search for an IB English tutor, it is important to reflect on why you need a tutor in the first place. It simply refers to addressing the problem that you are facing while learning the subject. Maybe you are finding the poetry section a bit complex, or unseen passages seem difficult to you to understand.

Once you get to know the reason why you need a tutor, the search becomes easy. You only need to consider the teachers that possess the same qualities that can help you improve in your weaker areas. Afterward, you can use various tips to streamline your tutor search, which we have mentioned below.

Reflect On How Much Time & Money You Can Invest

To get the most from IB English tutoring, you should keep an eye on your budget while going through the tutor choices. IB English tutors offer their services on different budgets. Some tutors charge a higher per-hour fee, while some offer their service at comparatively lower charges. From all the available choices, you should have clarity regarding which ones you can hire as per your spending limit.

Spending a huge amount of money is not necessary to get the best tutoring services. By researching and finding tutors who are ideal for your requirement set, you can easily connect to the ones who are well within your budget. However, you should also not miss a good tutor for saving a few dollars. The key idea is to maintain a balance between tutoring quality and tuition charges, and spend according to your budget.

Last but not least, don’t forget to consider your time requirements. Some students can only devote time to tuition classes on weekends, whereas some can only attend classes in the evening. Whatever your schedule is, hire a tutor who is ready to deliver classes at that particular time. This way, you will be able to utilize your time in the best way possible.

Pay Attention To The Tutor’s Accent & Dialect

The reason why we are emphasizing paying attention to the tutor’s accent is that you are eventually going to develop the same when you take classes. Suppose you want to go to the United Kingdom for further education, then you should hire a tutor who has a good hold on the UK’s spoken English.

As the tone of English speakers from different regions and countries is different, you should consider an English tutor who has the dialect you want. At tutoring platforms like tuition agencies, you can filter the recommendations based on different filters, which makes the search easy.

Look For A Tutor With Good Personality Traits

Having knowledge is good, but conveying it further is a skill on its own. Tutors with good personalities can motivate learners effectively and provide them with the right guidance regarding their academics. In addition, if the tutor you hire has a positive and cheerful personality, understanding & learning IB English becomes much easier and more fun.

If the tutor possesses positive body language, the same energy & enthusiasm also start reflecting in the students. They take more interest in the class, which automatically improves their understanding and performance. Therefore, you should look to hire a tutor whose personality is good.

Check Tutor’s Past Work Experience

Checking the past work experience of the tutors gives you a brief idea of their qualities and credibility. For instance, if the tutor has taught students from different countries, it means he/she can easily deal with the academic challenges of international students. Similarly, if the tutor’s past students have submitted good reviews and ratings, it means that the services are credible.

In short, by analyzing past work experience, you can derive so many meaningful insights related to tutoring services. After having a glimpse at them, you can effectively decide whether or not the tutor will be able to satisfy your learning requirements or not.

Attend A Demo Class Before Hiring A Tutor

It is one of the most important things to consider before hiring an IB English tutor. The best way of judging a teacher’s abilities is to attend a few classes. It gives you information above all the points that we have mentioned so far, such as the tutor’s accent, behavior, body language, knowledge, and more.

Most tutors offer some demo sessions, free of cost so that the students can judge their teaching skills and only hire them if they are convinced. For more clarity, you can also ask some questions like these:

  • Which subject material (books, websites, etc.) do you follow?
  • Can you help me improve my spoken English?
  • Which topic can you teach the best?

Asking these questions will not only provide you with more clarity regarding the tutor’s skills but also allow you to check his/her confidence.


IB English is different from regular English and needs to be learned differently. An IB English tutor can help you get good scores on the exam with guidance and help as required. By following some simple tips, you can make the tutor search process fast, simple, and effective.

Remember, an ideal tutor is different for every student. And a good tutor for you is someone who can help improve in your specific weak areas. So, keep all the tips we have mentioned above in mind, and start searching for a perfect IB English tutor for scoring well in your exams!

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