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Some Great Tips to Store Your Patio Furniture Items for the Winter

You’ve used your patio furniture items throughout the entire summer season, enjoying the comfort as well as increasing beauty of your backyard. Now that the winter months are coming, make sure you don’t neglect the maintenance and care process of your patio furniture items. Even though you no longer need to worry about the harmful effects of the sun on your outdoor furniture items, you still need to pay close attention to them before the winter arrives.  

How Can Your Patio Furniture Items Withstand the American Winter?

Winter is extremely capable of wreaking havoc on your outdoor furniture items. Depending on the materials of the outdoor furniture, there are some specific instructions you need to consider to protect your outdoor furniture effectively in winter. Whether you have affordable or expensive outdoor furniture, these tips will always help you protect your furniture items from the cold temperature. 

How Winter Damages the Outdoor Furniture?

The excessive amount of moisture from the snow, rain, and ice can cause your expensive and precious outdoor furniture items to rust and rot. Depending on the material, the damage will be different. And some specific types of outdoor furniture items such as plastic furniture will become extremely brittle and more vulnerable to breaking due to the cold weather condition. As per Coopers Collections, snow can damage plastic furniture.

This is why you need to take protective measurements so that you can secure the lifespan of your outdoor furniture items. 

Covers or Storage?

It’s best if you cover and store your outdoor furniture items properly in winter. This is one of the best ways to protect your outdoor furniture items. However, if you don’t have enough space to store the patio furniture items indoors, make sure you invest in a high-quality garden furniture coverMake sure you measure the size and dimension of the patio furniture accurately so that you can purchase patio furniture covers of perfect size. 

Apart from the patio furniture covers, you can also use tarps to protect your furniture items. Make sure you tie down the tarps properly so that they don’t end up getting blown away by the wind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using tarps or covers; make sure you leave some space at the bottom to increase air circulation. 

What Furniture Items You Can Leave Outside in Winter?

You can leave the cedar furniture items, treated leak, and synthetic wicker furniture items outdoors during the winter seasons. This is because these furniture items are made of the most weather-proof materials available on the market. And if you use outdoor furniture covers, you can leave all of your furniture items outdoors. The cover will protect them effectively. 

Focus on the Cleaning and Drying Process 

Just because you’re purchasing a high-quality patio furniture cover doesn’t mean that you need to overlook the importance of cleaning methods. Make sure you clean and maintain your patio furniture items effectively so that they can remain in good shape. Not to mention, proper cleaning will also help you increase the longevity of your outdoor furniture items. 


These are some effective tips to store your patio furniture items in winter. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below or contact us directly. 

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