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Landscaping Tips That Will Increase Your Property Value

Imagine you are a potential buyer of a property you just arrived at only to be welcomed with overgrown grass and shrubbery making it look like a jungle. This kind of picture would be responsible for a negative first impression of such property, whether you wanted it or not.

Brands invest a lot of money in visual experience as a way to communicate with customers and build a trusting relationship with them. It’s no different when it comes to selling your home one day. Landscaping changes will increase your property value, so let’s discuss the most promising ones with tips to get the most out of them.

Keep your lawn looking great

It’s one thing to simply mow the lawn, but spending time to carefully style it can get you extra points with potential buyers. After you finished mowing, collect grass clippings and clean the space so it’s pristine. Make it more interesting by planting shrubs and flowery bushes to give it a rich and layered look.

For decoration, add a few large stones here and there to invoke a more natural feel and less staged one. Stick solar lamps in places you want to draw attention to and put them on display every night. This will look amazing for buyers who want to see the property in the evenings, as well, as to get a better sense of it.

Spruce up all entrances

The moment potential buyers cross the threshold of your property, they will expect to feel a personal connection to the place. You can give them this by sprucing up all entrances they will pass when touring your home. Ornaments on the gate, an arch made of flowery vines, cobblestone pathway leading to the styled front door — are some of the ways to welcome future buyers.

To prevent additional costs of installing a new door, take care of any scratch, chipped paint, and issues with functionality right away. Getting a composite door may be a better option than a wooden one since they are durable and elegant, requiring little maintenance.

Set up a garden or two

Before you do anything, find reliable gardening tools from specialized brands, like Hoselink US so you can properly maintain your garden. Gardens require proper care and taking care of them should be relaxing, so the quality of hose reels, pruners, and planters can affect that significantly. You can place your garden by the façade, fence, or a walkway, or make it as big as you want as long as it’s tasteful and uncluttering.

Currently trendy is setting up gardens in large planters raised above the ground and blended in with the rest of the design. Potential buyers will appreciate the elegant and organized look of your backyard which has neatly planted greenery and flowers.  

Plant trees as soon as possible

Trees take time to grow, so if you don’t have any, plant them today! They can raise your property value for up to one-fifth of the initial price, plenty considering trees are only one item on a large pre-sale to-do list. Some of the best trees for yards are ginkgo, American hornbeam, oak, tulip tree, and maple.

Regular trimming and care will give them a gorgeous shape and help them grow into healthy plants. Consult with expert gardeners on how to plant them to avoid roots causing damage to pipes, foundation, and other infrastructure on the property. If you are selling the home sooner than trees can grow tall, get grown and dwarf trees, like magnolia and dogwood, that are also perfect for small yards.

Invest in a water feature

Water features can be decorative and practical to create a serene atmosphere in your landscape. Depending on the budget and space, you can go small with an artistically crafted fountain, or you can invest in a luxurious swimming pool. Either way, your property value will be higher than without any water feature.

If you are looking for an option between these two, consider creating a small cascading waterfall, a Zen garden, or a Koi fish pond. They will make your property unique and help it stand out from other listings, as well as help you unwind during the stressful selling process.

The bottom line

Buyer behavior is a well-investigated field, offering you a myriad of possibilities to show off the potential of your property. These landscaping tips are only some of the things that will increase your property value, besides those for interior design and repairs. You may see this as a considerable attack on your budget, but any makeover is a sure return on investment once your house is sold.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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