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Significance of Cultural Diversity at Workplace

The world has become a global village. International companies are expanding their operations in different countries rapidly. For the expansion of business in different countries, they have to recruit people from different cultures. For instance, if you are running a company in Denmark and want to open a subsidiary in Russia then first you need to know about the culture and market dynamics of Russia. 

Russian translation services can be of great help to you because of the difference in languages. You can understand market insights and dynamics well in the native language. After understanding the culture and dynamics, companies make feasibility reports and open a subsidiary in Russia.  As a Danish company, the management is different and the employees that they hire are from different backgrounds. Here comes cultural diversity in the workplace.

What is Cultural Diversity?

Culture depicts the values of the people that determine how they behave and work. When people from different regions, ethnicities, and gender work in one place. They create a diverse working environment. It is called cultural diversity. One of the reasons behind cultural diversity is economic globalization. Workplace diversity provides many benefits. 

When an organization is finding a solution to any problem, people from different educational backgrounds brainstorm and come up with innovative solutions. Dealing with cultural diversity is a very tough task for the human resource management of any company. To address the cultural diversity problems, they must communicate with the employees in the language that they understand. 

There is no second thought that English is a global business language but there is a possibility that many of the employees don’t understand it.  If a Danish company has opened a subsidiary in Russia to deal with cultural diversity, the HR of the company should provide all the information regarding HR policies and work ethics in the Russian language. Here comes the need for professional Russian translation services.

Significance of Cultural Diversity

Hiring people from different cultures helps companies to know how other companies struggle and work hard to make their name in the fiercely competitive world. If you are running an architectural company then people from Italy can be the best resource for you. Do you want to know why? This is because Italy is famous for its rich architectural heritage. 

To deal with Italian employees, you need to go for professional Italian translation services.  The Italian employees with prior experience in architecture can bring with them rich experience and your company can use it for your different innovative architectural designs.  The HR department of your company should learn about Italian workplace culture. 

For this, they can conduct extensive research and get information about Italian people’s working styles.  This will help them to take leverage from the potential of the employees. A recent study by Deloitte revealed that companies with diverse teams can perform 80% more than companies that don’t employ a diverse workforce. According to another study by Boston Consulting Group, diversity and inclusion at the workplace result in 19 % more revenue as compared to a less inclusive workforce.

Different Types of Workplace Diversity and How to Handle them

To get insight into cultural diversity, you must understand what cultural diversity looks like in the workplace. HR has defined different types of workforce diversity. Let’s define them and understand how to handle them.

Gender:  Women are coming out of their homes and are doing jobs more than before.  In the West, women are equally working with men. This trend has also started in developing countries now. Women are an important part of multinational companies but women’s leadership roles are less than males.  In this regard, HR needs to work on the training and development of women.

Race and Ethnicity:  To deal with different races and ethnicities, HR should be very peculiar. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to combine the efforts of different ethnic groups toward company objectives. For instance, if you have to deal with Danish employees then the first thing you need to do is take the assistance of Danish translation services.  By talking to them in their native language, you will come to know that Danish people have no fear of losing their job because if they lose a job even then they don’t have a problem paying their bills and they have access to basic necessities of life. 

This thing makes them brave so they are not afraid of bosses. Therefore, if you need to treat the Danish employee then avoid being authoritative. Although Danish people respect hierarchy,  they don’t give importance to top management. To understand how Danish employees work, you must go for professional Danish translation services. It will help you in understanding the behaviors of Danish people. In this way, you can deal with workforce diversity without any problems.

Age:  In young and old employees, great discrimination is made. No doubt that young people are energetic but this does not mean old age employees should not be given any opportunities. HR departments of global companies should come up with cross-generation mentoring programs to avoid this discrimination.  

Workers with Disabilities:  Disabilities make a lot of difference in the quality of work. This issue can be resolved if HR takes the assistance of neurodiversity in fighting against the perception that disabled people cannot work.

Neurodiversity: Providing a supportive environment for neurological ailments like dyslexia, Tourette’s, and autism helps the organization to provide the right job to the right person.

Mental Health:  Focusing on mental health through various stress-free programs such as yoga classes can create a healthy work environment and it has a positive impact on the behaviors of the employees and it also reduces absenteeism.

Right Person for a Right Job:  To handle cultural diversity, HR should employ the right person at the right job because mismatched jobs result in low productivity.

 Wrapping Up

The work environment of any company can be productive if workforce diversity is addressed in an efficient way. For understanding workforce diversity, translation services are of great help to you. Recruiting top talent from around the world is not a success. However, making them work according to the company’s objective despite cultural and regional differences is a great challenge. Here cultural diversity should be handled by HR departments.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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