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SAP Evaluation near me Georgia | 8006837745

If employees working under the United States Department of Transportation SAP Evaluation (near me) fail or refuse to engage in a DOT alcohol or drug test, they will be subjected to the SAP Return to Duty procedure. This personnel includes CDL holders, truck drivers, pilots, bus drivers, and others who work in hazardous environments. Because companies are bound by federal regulations, the first action is always to remove the violation from safety-sensitive responsibilities.

Some businesses will even fire an employee rather than allow them to take a leave of absence. This is a huge barrier to working and generating a consistent income. If required, an employer may move an employee to a non-hazardous job while the offense is investigated. A SAP Evaluation is the only way to properly treat a DOT drug and alcohol violation and return to work as soon as possible. Many employees want to stay with the same firm or occupation and continue to work under DOT regulations, but many first-time alcohol and drug offenders are unclear about what to do next. The process is the same regardless of city, state, or occupation.

SAP Evaluation near me

The first step is to find a SAP Evaluation (near me) (Substance Abuse Professional) who has been trained to examine an employee trying to fulfill DOT guidelines. This examination can be done in person or by video conference to completely examine your history and present alcohol or drug consumption status. The assessment will consist of a written questionnaire and an interview. Both components may be completed in an hour; however, if a comprehensive examination is necessary, extra time can be set aside. Different SAP evaluators charge different fees and have different criteria, but a quick call to a counseling office may answer any questions you have regarding charges, locations, availability, and terms.

SAP Evaluation, like an alcohol and drug evaluation, is associated with substance addiction when a person being assessed fails for any substance such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or methamphetamine. The examination will establish if you have any prior substance addiction issues connected to what was discovered during the screening. The SAP Evaluation not only examines your prior and present drug use history, but also assists you in receiving the appropriate level of treatment. Following the SAP Evaluation (near me), you should anticipate being instructed to engage in some type of counseling,

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