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Reveal Sydney Nightlife: Tips for Men

In case one of your dreams has been to visit glorious Sydney, Australia, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There is something for literally everyone there, and no matter what time of the year you go and what time of the day you prefer to do your exploring, you’ll have a good time. Millions of people visit every year, and a great percentage of those who come, decide to come back again in the future. The reason for their return is that Sydney is full of hidden gems, and if you’re looking for nighttime adventures, here’s what you should definitely try:

Let loose at 77

When you’re a raving beast and are looking for your next rave-cave madness, 77 is your place. It’s perfect for people who love techno and disco music too, but ravers will have a blast. Legendary 77 happens to be infamous as the former home of electroclash. Luckily, it has gone through a few extensive and expensive changes over the past several years. It has changed a lot from an inconspicuous rave bunker into a swish and suave underground bar. The former rogue spirit lives on, however, as is evident in their music programming. There are always some local legends playing popular bangers well into the evening.

Drop by the Sydney Tower Eye

There is no way that you can visit Sydney and skip something as iconic as their Tower Eye. This is why the location can be found on every “Must see” list concerning Sydney. We suggest you take some time to head over to the famous Sydney Tower Eye and see for yourself why it’s so popular. The Eye is over 300 meters high, the tallest building in the city, and offers a spectacular view of Sydney, especially at night.

Visit Goros

Goros is an insane place that’s best known as the spot for partying with exceptional sides. Goros is a Japanese booze and snack palace during the day that transforms into a neon-bathed madhouse after hours. Those who like to express their creativity will be able to do it at free karaoke booths, while arcade games fans will have fluro arcade games to play. There are also regular early ’00s and ’90s nostalgia nights. 

Go wild in secret

Seeing as we all like to be a bit wild after dark, Sydney has something for our unusual appetites too. Clubs and bars are a-plenty, but what about a place where you can go really wild and do all kinds of sensual explorations? If you are feeling frisky, step into one of many excellent Sydney brothels and indulge in all kinds of vices and kinks. When you get back home, it will be a wild story or two to share with your friends.

Head out to the Marrickville bowling club

It might sound like something out of a movie, but this insane bowling club is the best spot for grooving in a completely incongruous setting. Marrickville happens to be an innocuous-looking lawn bowls club, but it hides mad secrets. For example, you can’t even mention the place without also mentioning Mad Racket, who happens to be an absolute fixture in the dance community, and has been so for over a decade. These mad dance parties are put together by dusty vinyl enthusiasts, and you will have a chance to hear everything, from techno, funk, jazz and soul to breaks and beyond. If you think you’re late, don’t worry – the parties start late but go on even later, and you might even see the sunrise on your way home.

Wander around the Rocks

If you’re a history geek, you’ll fall in love with the area around The Rocks. This is a famous Australian historic area where the Gadigal aboriginal people used to live. Later on, the first European settlers also chose the Rocks for their settlements. The area got its name from the rocky coast on the west side of Sydney Cove. These days, when you visit, you’re stepping foot onto a valuable historical site where you can see Cadman’s cottage, the oldest surviving house in this area.

Any chance you have to visit Sydney, don’t hesitate to use it. Regardless of when you arrive and how long you decide to stay, you’ll definitely have a great time. Enjoy attractions and perks, and if possible, team up with a local who will be able to show you some of the less touristy places so you can feel local too, at least for a while.

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