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Project manager com Features vs Aha Features Comparison 2023

What is better Aha features! or on the other hand ProjectManager com? We suggest that you survey the different programming choices and contrast them to track down the best item for you. Here you can likewise survey Aha! For their general presentation, think about ProjectManager (by and large Score: 8.1; Client Rating: 100 percent) and ProjectManager (generally Score: 9.2; Client Rating: 100 percent).

You can likewise see which item has the most devices or offers the best evaluating plan for your spending plan. An unmistakable table that matches their elements will incredibly build your possibility of finding the right item for your organization. Focus on different parts of the product, like convenience, flexibility, versatility, and evaluating terms.

ProjectManager Features

Here are some features you should look forward to when using Project Manager com.

List View:

 This feature shows in real-time for each task the priority, due dates, and assignee. It also displays subtasks and personal to-do lists.

Resource Management:

 To maintain productivity and track your team’s workload, you can use a color-coded chart.

Quick Reports:

 Create filterable reports about workload, timesheets, and other information in a matter of seconds. These reports are great for sharing with stakeholders.

Sheet View:

 You can add as many columns to this grid layout as you need. This makes data management much easier.


 Secure timesheets that track the hours spent on each member’s assigned activities can be used to speed up the payroll process.

ProjectManager Pricing

Pricing for ProjectManager is available on four levels:

Starter: Free. You can add up to three users. This allows you to create task lists and manage multiple projects.

Each user in a team will pay $11.50 each month. It provides Gantt charts, Sheet views, and budget management. You can also use it to manage files and documents.

For businesses, $20.50 per user. It can also be used to manage resources and capacity. It is possible to customize workflows.

Enterprise: When you share information about the size of your sales team with them, the cost of an enterprise is calculated. You will have a dedicated customer support manager to help you get the most from the software.


Monday and ProjectManager allow you to integrate tools you use regularly.

Monday allows you to integrate with Google Drive, Excel Excel, Zoom, and Gmail. You can integrate apps in seconds with the no-code system.

ProjectManager allows you to customize your workflow by integrating tools such as Quickbooks, Xero, and Gmail. Jira and many other tools. Integrating these apps will ensure that your work does not get affected by switching platforms.

ProjectManager Demo

The official website has many tutorial videos. To get familiar with the system, you can also use the free 30-day trial as the ProjectManager demo.

ProjectManager Software: The pros and cons


Reports can be managed and exported to Microsoft Excel.

It offers advanced tools for project management.

It automates scheduling and time tracking.


If the system is not updated regularly, it will slow down.

What is Aha?

AHA software improves team collaboration by providing road mapping tools. It helps users organize papers and spreadsheets. It facilitates project prioritization and driving strategy. The program also allows for the sharing of visual roadmaps. Any number of teams can use the workspaces for business, products, services, marketing, IT, or other purposes.

The software also offers strong API support and 30 integration options. The application also offers tools for file storage, programming, communication, and programming. Users can modify the process, vocabulary, and views to meet the needs of their team.

Aha Features


AHA features let you create plans, identify opportunities for improvement, and design go-to-market strategies. The application also allows you to identify the value proposition and target user segments. It helps you identify client traits, competition, and goal-setting.


It creates cross-functional proposals. It allows you to schedule work ahead of time and standardizes delivery. You can also predict workloads and control your capacity. Furthermore, you can keep track of developments in real-time. You can also launch completed projects with the application.


Manage submitted ideas and notify submitters about their progress. You can view the most important information about your suggestion and make it better by adding attachments, comments, and tags. Assess the value of your ideas, make them public, and create portals.


Pre-made templates can be used to create starter roadmaps. Personalize your roadmaps with details. Personalize your timelines, strategies, or tactics.


Create initiative charts to display revenue impact, status, or idea volume while you are looking at delivery metrics. You can view, create, and modify lists, pivots and charts, capacities, diagrams, and hierarchies, as well as custom reports.

AHA Software Demo

Are there any questions you are still unsure of? Don’t worry. Request a demo from the company. Within two hours, the team will arrange a demo to answer your questions and provide you with a detailed overview of the software.

AHA Pricing

The company offers four pricing options.


This package does not include a pricing quote. This package is ideal for companies that have less than 10 employees. The company should be under 18 years of age and not have more than $ 1.5 million in funding.


This plan is $59 per month. The following features are included in the plan:

Create a strategy, map out your goals, create whiteboards, and more.


The monthly cost of the plan is $99 and must be paid by the owner of the workspace. This plan includes everything in the premium plan, plus the following:

Unlimited viewers/reviewers, Integration, and Much More

Enterprise +

Contributors will pay $149 per month for the package. This package includes all features of the enterprise as well as the following:

Advanced license management, custom tables/worksheets, and many other features are available.

AHA Review

The software has 91% positive reviews on average. It is ranked 4.3 stars on G2 and 4 on GetApp.

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