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Plan a Beautiful Loft Conversion While on a Budget

Loft conversions are one of the best home improvement methods. With a great ROI, loft conversions add space and purpose to your home without the need for a conventional extension.

Although home extensions tend to be a great consideration for extending spaces too. But nothing beats the modernism and comfort of a loft conversion (if done right). Moreover, extensions tend to take up quite a lot of time and somewhat ruin your outer space too.

If you know what purpose you want your new space to serve, then loft conversions Barnet specialists can help you create a modern space for your home, within no time.

What is a Basic Loft Conversion?

In the UK, a basic loft conversion is usually considered to be an attic bedroom, with a roof window. If you consider a conversion like this, it does not require a planning permit. However, there are some exceptions and thus, you must check with your legal authorities. Loft Conversion Drawings can help you get the permit and legal approval too.

However, with the passage of time, the conventional idea of loft conversion has altered largely. There are various ways to transform your attic space and make it practical and visually attractive, at the same time.

Can I Get a Loft Conversion on a Budget?

Loft conversions are less time and money-consuming than house extensions. However, there are some key factors that add up to the budget instantly. But if you are on a budget, it is important to pay attention to three elements that easily add up to the expenses.

If you do not plan beforehand, these factors can easily take a toll on your budget.

1. Type of Roof:

A loft conversion is quite dependent on the type of roof you have because it might demand some extra work. If you have a truss roof, then you might require additional support for a loft conversion. On the other hand, rafters don’t usually require any additional work. Discuss your roof type and structure with a professional loft conversions Barnet expert like Archimedes Design, to assess your roof requirements.

2. Staircase:

Your loft conversion needs to be quick and easy to access. This is why stairs tend to be the best option. However, in some cases, a water pump installation is required before the staircase installation. In such cases, a simple staircase tends to become a huge job. Discuss the possibilities with your contractor before getting a quote.

3. Decor:

Decor can easily add up to one’s budget. Shopping for home accessories usually goes out of hand, without much effort. Topshop sensibility, it is best to make a list and stick to it. Do not over-accessorize the space and keep the decor simple and minimal.

Now that you acknowledge the factors that can add up to your costs, you might want to understand how costs can be reduced during the process. Firstly, it is important to stir clear of the idea of DIY. you might end up spending a lot more money than planned.

The best way to save up money is to limit yourself in terms of furniture and decor. You can always enrich the space gradually. Another great tip to consider here is to position your Loft Conversions Barnet on an existing plumbing system to save up on the costs. It will cost you a huge amount to set up an entirely new plumbing system for the loft. Discuss it with your builders beforehand. It is recommended that you get loft conversion drawings for clarity of all the placements.


Considering your priorities will certainly help you stay on a budget. There are always some aspects that can be compromised upon whilst others might be too important for you as well. Understand your personal preferences and flexibility to achieve an outcome that you feel content with.

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