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Learn to train Your Dog to be a Twin Chain Lock for Dogs

If you’re trying to teach your pet, using a single leash gives you some control. However, when you use two leashes with this double dog leash lock-off it will be more at educating your pet who is stubborn.

What Is the Dual Leash Lock-Off?

The dual leash for dogs lock-off is a dog training technique developed by a master trainer of pet fitness Brandon McMillan. The method allows you to regulate your dog’s impulse-driven decisions using the two leashes as well as a harness and the harness. Attach the one end of the chain to the harness of your dog and secure the other to be in the ground or to a heavy object. Attach the front chainthe guide leashto your pet’s collar and use it to slowly guide your pet’s head towards the direction you would like the pet to travel.

This prevents your pet from moving either left or backwards right. It also provides an effective ways to get greater control over your pet. If you’re in control of your dog’s behavior it is possible to use this method to teach your dog different commands.

How to Utilize the Double Leash Lock-Off?

For the double pet leash lock-off, you’ll need an appropriate collar, a harness, and two 6-foot chains for training. If you’re using locks on the two leashes device to train your dog on how to walk, you’ll usually require a supply of deals as well.

1. Establish your back anchor chain. Connect the anchor chain and secure items like stakes in the ground or an eye screw attached to fences, or even the leg of a sturdy table. If your pet is large, make sure the anchor factor is to be secure and safe. Then, you can attach the opposite end of the chain to the harness of your pet.

2. Set up the front chain guide. Attach the second leash to the collar of your pet. This is the overview chain. Keep the chain at the top on the chain overview using your fingers so that you are able to make use of it to softly correct your dog’s movement.

3. Choose a word to communicate with your dog. After both leashes have been secured, carefully draw the lead in order to bring your pet’s body in line and secure it from movements. Choose a command to teach your pet, and utilize the overview leash to manage your dog to assist to follow the instructions correctly.

How to Utilize a Double Leash Lock-Off to Teach Your Canine “Down”?

Your dog should be placed in an upright position on a high surface: a table, an incline, a couch– a place which will permit you to put your reward’s hand under their body. Then, you’ll want to make use of the double dogs leash lock-off. The leash attached to the dog’s harness is sure to serve as a support. Likewise, the leash that is attached to their collar could be used to gently guide your dog’s head in the direction you would like to move it (i.e. down, or up).

1. Once you’ve got your dog in a sitting position, place your hands close to their mouths with the reward put between your first two fingers. It’s time to begin the instruction.

2. When you”down “down”– keep in mind that you’re trying to promoteMove the reward away from the dog’s mouth and to the side of their body. This will help them in settling down.

3. Keep repeating the command and encourage your dog’s body to the downward direction by a treat till their elbow joints touch the surface. If they don’t give up and refuse the decrease, keep for them to go away. At some point, they will quit and go to rest of boredom.

4. As soon as your pet is placed in the down position, reward the pet with an reward and the most enthusiastic praise.

5. Continue to reward your dog on deals as long as their joint remain in place. Do not forget to continue to claim “down. “.

6. Reset your dog, then repeat.

7. As your puppy begins to learn the down method begin to stand up and add some distance between the two of you. Once your pup is proficient at the standing position, shift to a level surface and keep working.


It is important to choose the double dog leash that is designed to fit the weight of your dog and its size. Also, a large pet dog could damage the chain. Likewise, too light of a dog may cause stress upon the neck.

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