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Eco-Friendly celebrations for our fellow earth-conscious friends!

Where would a party be without the disposable plastic tableware? A party that is both spectacular and environmentally friendly!

Have you recently made the transition to environmentally friendly items and are now having trouble finding environmentally acceptable tableware? Do you worry that you’ll have to break out the expensive dishes and cutlery simply to avoid having to purchase plastic forks and knives? We have some really wonderful news to share with you today.

We are aware that it may be difficult to locate eco-friendly dinnerware that is not only attractive but also reasonably priced. Because of this, we have just recently included eco-friendly tableware to our selection of party tableware in order to answer all of your issues with hosting a party without using plastic. The very best thing is that you may pick from among a wide variety of items both in our physical shop and in our big online catalogue.

That is really exciting! What kinds of things do you have that are kind to the environment?

You will discover a variety of bamboo-inspired plates, cutlery, food cones and boats, and even bamboo skewer sticks in our collection of on-trend eco-friendly tableware. We have gone to great lengths with our dinnerware that has the appearance of bamboo and have increased our selection to include up to twenty distinct sizes. Our bamboo-looking goods are really produced from palm leaf, making them fully recyclable, fantastic for the environment, and a wonderful addition to any celebration, including yours.

My cup of tea is environmentally friendly tableware.

they goods are comparable to the traditional white party plates and cutlery that you see at parties; however, they are better for the environment! We also provide a selection of tableware that has been created from the pulp of sugar cane, and this tableware is available for purchase. Our sugar can pulp dinnerware is offered in as many as eight distinct sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that is most suited for the people who will be attending your party.

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How do these items not harm the environment?

The specific ways in which these items are kind to the environment are, of course, very essential to understand, so let’s go through them now:

Tableware made of palm leaf

Our dinnerware, which takes its inspiration from bamboo, is:

Constructed with sheaths made of palm leaves

Designed for a single application, although the material may be broken down into nutrients for the soil within a period of one month after it has been discarded.

You are welcome to put unused materials in storage and add them to your compost when you have a chance.

In addition, you are able to refrigerate and microwave for up to 2 minutes each the goods that are part of our bamboo collection. Because they are entirely organic, there is no risk that any harmful chemicals or toxins will be transferred to the food you eat from these products.

You may also be interested in knowing that our palm leaf dinnerware is created in the rural districts of Chennai in India. This helps encourage farmers and entrepreneurial manufacturing firms to make choices that are better for the environment and help keep our world safe and joyful.

Tableware made of sugar cane

Even though these plates and cutlery can give the impression that they are made of plastic due to their appearance, we can promise you that they are not:

  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable Sustainable
  • Because these goods are completely biodegradable, you may use them to actually help the environment by composting them.

We made the decision to provide eco-friendly goods because it seemed like the logical thing to do, and we wanted to make sure that the items we included in our collection of eco-friendly dinnerware were multi-purpose so that they could not only meet the requirements for your party but also serve as compost.

If you haven’t had a look at our selection of environmentally friendly items yet, all you have to do is click here, and you’ll be led to our safe haven of environmentally friendly dinnerware!

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