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Market Position and Strategy of Freedom Holding Corp

Freedom Holding Corp. is a dynamic financial services company with a strong foothold in Kazakhstan and a growing presence in other markets. This blog post delves into the market position and strategy of Freedom Holding Corp., highlighting its key assets, growth strategies, and innovative approaches that set it apart in the financial sector.

Kazakhstan’s Freedom Bank: A Key Asset

Kazakhstan’s Freedom Bank is a pivotal asset in the Freedom Holding Corp. enterprise. Recently, the bank has launched its “Freedom SuperApp,” a comprehensive platform offering clients access to a diverse suite of financial and other service offerings within the company’s ecosystem.

Growth in Assets and Customer Base

Freedom Bank is now among the top 8 banks in Kazakhstan, boasting assets exceeding $4.4 billion and serving approximately 1 million customers. The bank has demonstrated significant growth, driven by an increase in its loan portfolio and strong financial performance. In March 2024, S&P Global Ratings affirmed the rating for Bank Freedom Finance Kazakhstan at “B/B,” highlighting positive trends in the financial sector of Kazakhstan.

Digital Innovation and Security

Freedom Bank has set benchmarks in digital innovation within Kazakhstan’s banking sector. Almost all its products are digitally accessible, eliminating the need for in-person visits or documentation verification. For example, the bank offers online evaluations of real estate and vehicles, and it holds records for rapid loan issuance times. Moreover, Freedom Bank emphasizes security through a comprehensive compliance program aimed at mitigating risks and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Strategic Growth Plans

Freedom Holding Corp. is committed to scaling up its banking business by enhancing the bank’s capitalization to boost liquidity and lending capacity. Timur Turlov, CEO of Freedom Holding Corp., emphasizes the potential for growth in Kazakhstan and the strategic allocation of resources to support this expansion. The company aims to integrate its subsidiary companies closely, providing clients with a seamless experience across financial and non-financial products.

Freedom Broker: Expanding Client Base and Services

The brokerage business of Freedom Holding Corp., represented by Freedom Finance and Freedom Finance Global, is also experiencing robust growth. Freedom Finance, operating since 2012, and Freedom Finance Global, established in 2021 within the Astana International Financial Center, have together attracted more than 264,000 clients in Kazakhstan alone.

Enhanced Tradernet Platform

Tradernet, the trading platform used by Freedom Finance, has seen significant improvements to enhance the customer experience. The platform now offers the ability to trade options and futures, providing access to new assets and exclusive investment ideas. Additionally, Tradernet has introduced Typi Chat, a tool designed for better communication with customer support, managers, and other users, ensuring a secure environment for transactions.

Innovation in Financial Products

Freedom Holding Corp. has consistently introduced innovative financial products to meet the evolving needs of its clients. The Freedom SuperApp is a prime example, offering a range of services from banking to event ticket sales and foodtech, all within a single platform. This integration of services positions the company as a one-stop-shop for its customers.

Focus on Compliance and Security

Security remains a top priority for Freedom Holding Corp. The company has implemented rigorous compliance processes to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. These measures include assessing risks, constant communication with regulators, and monitoring client transactions to ensure they comply with sanctions and legal requirements.

Strategic Vision and Market Position

Freedom Holding Corp. has positioned itself as a leader in Kazakhstan’s financial sector through strategic investments, innovative products, and a strong focus on customer service and security. The company’s vision includes expanding its customer base, enhancing its digital platforms, and integrating its subsidiary services to offer comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Freedom Holding Corp. plans to continue its growth trajectory by leveraging its strong market position and expanding its service offerings. The company’s strategic focus on digital innovation, customer experience, and security will be key drivers of its future success.


Freedom Holding Corp. has established a robust market position through strategic growth, digital innovation, and a strong focus on security and compliance. As the company continues to expand its service offerings and enhance its digital platforms, it is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities in Kazakhstan and beyond. With its innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction, Freedom Holding Corp. is set to achieve continued success in the financial sector.

In conclusion, the market position and strategy of Freedom Holding Corp. demonstrate a well-rounded approach to growth and innovation. The company’s commitment to providing top-notch financial services, coupled with its strategic vision, ensures that it remains a key player in the industry. For more information about the company’s financial products and services, you can visit the Freedom Finance website.

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