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Manufacturing of Processing Equipment

The processing of meat waste is not only a profitable modern business but also a smart and practical approach to the production of feed and fertilizers. The production of meat and bone meal has significantly advanced agriculture and farming. The final product is used as a feed additive and an excellent mineral fertilizer for crops grown on various farms.

Bone meal is a product of processing meat and bone residues that are not suitable for human consumption. The raw materials consist of bones and meat waste from animals, fish, sanitary and veterinary confiscations, or waste from meat processing plants. Externally, the final product is a powdery substance with a grayish-brown shade and a distinctive odor. Due to its organic nature and rich vitamin-mineral composition, this meal finds broad use in agriculture. Such a product allows minimizing synthetic additives in animal feed and different types of fertilizers for crops.

Equipment for Production

To avoid spending large sums on purchasing feeds and fertilizers, it is realistic and profitable to have the necessary equipment for waste processing and meat and bone meal production on your farm. The company “Techno-T” offers several lines and installations of its own production. Here, you can order lines for processing eggshell, drying units, fish and bone meal equipment for processing meat, meat, and chicken waste, and more.

The company also provides assistance in choosing the necessary equipment configuration for a specific type of raw material, depending on its composition and processing volumes. Orders of any complexity are taken based on drawings and 3D models. After the equipment is delivered, the company’s employees perform installation and commissioning work.

All devices, lines, and installations, as well as spare parts and components produced by “Techno-T,” have long proven themselves as reliable and competitive on the domestic and European markets. Innovative technologies applied in production have no analogs worldwide, contributing to this achievement.

Features of the Installations

The installations¬†produced by “Techno-T”¬†can process low-value fish, heads, bones, and animal by-products. The result of using this equipment is high-grade fish and meat-bone meal with valuable nutritional properties. It contains easily digestible proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, and microelements.

Outstanding features of the installations:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low weight
  • Simplicity and convenience of maintenance
  • Minimal energy and heat losses
  • Reliability and safety of operation
  • Long warranty period

Equipment Composition

The meat and bone raw material processing line from “Techno-T” is a continuous operation equipment complex that includes:

  1. Grinder
  2. Bunker with a screw doser
  3. Unit
  4. Boiler
  5. Press
  6. Dryer / Lapsa boilers
  7. Magnetic separation
  8. Hammer mill
  9. Pneumatic transport (unloader)
  10. Pumps
  11. Centrifuge
  12. Separator

All these components make up a single technological line designed to meet the production demands and needs of the customer, depending on the type of raw material, its quantity, and the production infrastructure (availability of steam, electricity, etc.).

Production Stages on the Equipment

The first step is inspecting the raw material before loading to remove foreign objects. Then, the raw material is fed into the grinder. After bone fragmentation, the waste goes into the fat separator and boiler, where fat is melted and emulsified with water. This allows for complete degreasing of bones and other raw materials.

The next stage is the division into solid mixture and emulsified type in a special centrifuge that operates continuously. The final step is drying and packaging.

In this production, equipment plays a significant role. Even so-called mini-lines allow for the creation of full-fledged production on limited areas.

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