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Luxury Villas Near You

It is not like every getaway needs weeks of planning or days of packing. Some trips just require a single backpack and a quick drive to the closest vacation spot. How about we promise you that you will be there in an hour? That’s true. The definition of luxury is evolving. It’s no longer just buying things or traveling to places that require you to leave a hole in your pocket. It’s really about luxury, secrecy, comfort, and a variety of choices ranging from leisure to budget-friendly. It’s all about the memories instead of the money. You’re just a trip, skip, and roll away from these luxury villas in alibaug!

You may either take a ride down to take in the beautiful views, or you can just board a ferry and travel wherever you like. In much less time than an hour, the RoRo boat will transport you, your car, and your pets from Mumbai to Mandwa! In order to provide the best experience possible for our luxury villa guests, Ekostay strives to go above and beyond. Our Gold category provides tastefully designed villas that are expertly maintained with handcrafted unique services and unparalleled tranquilly, allowing visitors to interact and create enduring memories.

Ready for breathtaking luxury villas in alibaug with shorelines, delicious local cuisine, and plush beds to snuggle into? We hand-picked our designed aesthetic luxury villas in alibaug with luxurious amenities just at our fingertips.

Casa De Atlantis Villa

This extremely well-appointed luxury villa earns the name Casa De Atlantis with ease. Sprawling with lush greenery and panoramic views, we present our 7BHK Casa De Atlantis in Alibaug. All seven luxuriously adorned bedrooms feature king-sized beds, private balconies, and en-suite bathrooms. One of our most palatial accommodations, take in the scenery from. The majestic pool and gather by the barbecue or pool table as the sun sets. You are bound to come across the most stunning views. The furnishing is a superb balance between modernity and elegance providing for a spacious stay. Comfortable seating, a massive glistening pool. And modern décor make. It an ideal place to host and relax with friends and family.

Sierra Villa

With coconut trees encircling the villa from all corners, this alluring 4 BHK Sierra Villa is an easy-going stay-in option for any group. Of around 10-14 people looking to de-stress. The villa comes along with a private gazebo on the first level that overlooks a spectacular pool. The villa features smartly designed rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The living area is spacious with an endearing balcony area perfect for casual conversations. The villa has an open and semi-equipped kitchen. The bedroom views open up to an eye-catchy private pool. For you to take and dip and let everything else slip away. This villa has a laid-back, easy-going vibe, ideal for a weekend getaway. Spend an exhilarating evening playing Carrom and cards in this picturesque villa offered to you by us!

You may have made plans with a bunch of friends or your family to go out on. A mini-vacation near Mumbai to Lonavala or Khandala for numerous events. Every group, every business, needs a team-building getaway every once in a while. Individuals and groups interact so much more smoothly once they have spent some time getting to know each other. Co-workers can create an environment in which everyone can perform their best by playing games and activities together. So, seize the opportunity to discover team-building games that will help your company work more effectively, easily, and quickly!

This charming hill town in the Western Ghats, one of Maharashtra’s most well-like vacation spots. Has a lot to see including verdant slopes, alluring waterfalls, gushing streams, and more. We are taking you to private luxury villas in Lonavala even. If you may be dreading going there and battling the throng. Pack your bags, turn on the engine of your car. And head to these private villas in Mumbai, which offer seclusion, swimming pools, and bedrooms with stunning views. Ekostay offers lonavala villa booking with pool for you to enjoy a luxurious weekend.

Sucasa Villa

This beautiful 4BHK Ekostay Sucasa Villa in Lonavala private pool home. Is a tastefully done up modern style villa nestled in Tungarli, Lonavala, just a 10 minutes drive from the main road. The property has 4 bedrooms, a spacious living room, a games room along with a private pool. The hidden gem is spacious and has complete privacy for the guests. Perfect home if one would like to relax and enjoy what Lonavala has to offer.

Blue Pebble

A tastefully done up 4 BHK Ekostay Blue Pebble in Lonavala home set amidst. The Tungarli area of Lonavala, located next to Narayani Dham. Spectacular place, comfortable furnishing. And a spacious setup make this place an ideal home away from home with a private pool. Suitable for a perfect weekend getaway, you can choose to come here with your friends or family. Or even your furry friends and let your hair down. The Villa is a stand-alone villa with a beautiful outdoor setting, warm lighting, and good vibes.


Ekostay’s lonavala villa booking provides a complete entertainment package with private pools, play areas. And spectacular views, but you could still take this a step further with barbeque dinners and bonfire sessions! Our team will be delighted to assist you. Deep conversations all around the bonfire are indeed a certain way to reconnect with your family. And friends, while lip-smacking meals will add a zest to your games and chat. 

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