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Laundry app Development: Cost and Features

Do you have an on-site laundry business and want to develop an on-demand laundry mobile app for it? Before you develop a laundry delivery mobile app for your business, you should also know some basic points like 1. How to develop an on-demand laundry mobile app 2. What features must have in it 3. how to function in this app? In this blog, we covered all the points you should know about, to get complete information, you need to read this blog completely.

How to develop an on-demand laundry mobile app

  1. Make a plan for your project
  2. Calculate the estimated budget
  3. Design app (UX/UI)
  4. Process of developing an app
  5. Testing/debugging app
  6. App finalization or deployment.
  1. Make a plan for your project.

Planning is essential to execute any plan, so first, you have to make an excellent plan and talk to developers about what types of features you want to add to your app and how it will help you to lead the competition. So it is the first point everyone must remember while executing the idea from an imaginary world to the real world.

  1. Calculate the estimated budget

You should calculate your budget before you start working on your project; the cost of any project depends on the features that you want to add to your app. If you want very basic features in your app, the cost will be much less. 

Still, apart from it, if you want to make a unique app with advanced features or keep ahead of your business in the competitive world, you have to spend extra money on your app.

We can help you make the right decision and how much money you should spend on the mobile laundry app.

  1. Design app (UX/UI)

If you want to create a successful on-demand mobile app for your laundry business, make sure it should be clean and easy to use or navigate. If we talk, UX/UI is the crucial aspect of any mobile application. Explain everything to your UX/UI developers, including the design you want to give your app and what types of feelings you want to give your users.

They can help you feel imagination after reality animations help develop a pleasant user interface. It makes the transition process easy and smooth between multiple features.

  1. Process of developing an app

The app development process is what explains the success of your business. A team with experienced developers on board is essential for the development of a good app. After all, no one wants a badly coded app with several bugs. We have a team of experienced developers at JPLoft solutions with an excellent portfolio of multiple mobile applications.

  1. Testing/debugging apps

The testing and the debugging process is the second last step of the app development process. Several companies who want to make a mobile application like to reduce the testing time or make the process as easy as possible. However, it may reverse over a long time. Who should allocate enough time to the developers to test the app extensively before deployment?

  1. App finalization or deployment

Another essential phase of the development process is the support provided after the app is settled. Excellent mobile app development companies always provide support after the app development is complete, and now the app is available for download.

It makes the transition process relatively more straightforward. Also, post-launch support can help resolve the issue quickly if the business has some technical difficulties.

Four tips for leading out your competition

Tip 1: Use eco-friendly products

The serious effect of pollution on earth has encouraged app developers to utilize eco-friendly practices. For example, in the case of a laundry delivery app, you can utilize eco-friendly detergents. Moreover, try to use chemical-free products and promote the same, so your customers return a second time. You can also enhance the packing and make use of biodegradable plastic.

Tip 2: Special offers

Everyone adores offers and discounts! If you are starting your business, offer great discounts to customers. First-time offers and deals when users reach around a second time are helpful. It will help you to reconnect with your customers again.

Start with rates less than standard rates to build a loyal customer base. You can also show them you care by giving them free buttons and cloth covers. All these things will help you to hold on to customers in the long run.

Tip 3: Convenience (separate clothes)

One thing some on-demand laundry delivery apps lack is the cloth separation feature. Many laundry apps need you to sort clothes depending on their material and the type of service you opt for. Beginners can work on the same and sort the clothes for their customers. They will indeed feel special and use your service more frequently.

Tip 4: Pickup reminders 

Self-made pickup and drop-off reminders are something we all love. You can customize the app to remind customers based on their nature to use the service. However, ensure you don’t send too many notifications since they usually are a barrier.

Features that must have in the laundry delivery app 

The on-demand laundry app development process requires money, time, and a technical expert who can complete your laundry delivery mobile app development Company at an affordable price, but before you get on tap, you should know how this function and what features you must have. 

Here we discuss three important points 

  1. Customer panel 
  2. Admin panel
  3. Staff panel

Customer panel

  1. Sign up / sign in

It should be an easy process to log in to their account with the help of an email or social media account.

  1. Option to select laundry services.

In this, customers can select the laundry services according to their choices, like dry cleaning, ironing or washing clothes.

  1. Select delivery and pickup dates

This option should be available on the app this user can select the delivery and pickup date according to their comfort and availability.

  1. Option to check order history and status

This option must be in this app because it will help to check the order history and also help to track their product status.

  1. Get notifications of offers and discounts. 

Customers can be able to see all the available or going-on offers and discount details.

  1. Payment option

Customers can calculate the cost of a product easily and can make an online payment via multiple options like debit card, credit card, or net banking.

  1. Customer review

This option is essential to know the customer’s perspective and what they think about the application or service, and it also helps others know what types of services we provide.

Staff panel

  1. Signup/ login

Every employer or service provider can log in or sign up for their account using their work email.

  1. Manage profile or billing 

A developer or services provider has to manage their assigned project or pending requests and create a proper place for service charges.

  1. View and maintain the order details 

In the laundry delivery app, you can select the pickup or delivery date on your own using the option and get complete information regarding your clothes here.

  1. Check order confirmation details.

A services provider can check details and confirm all orders that he received.

  1. View customers locations

To provide the best services, we need to deliver their product as soon as possible to their doorsteps and that will give excellent happiness to the customers. Still, for this, you need an excellent navigational tool.

  1. Option to view ratings and reviews 

Every service provider should be able to check the customer rating and reviews so they can improve their services.

Admin panel

  1. Customer data

Complete details of customers, including their email addresses or order details stored here.

  1. Management of category manager

For each specific order, a category manager appoints to this panel.

  1. Details of all employee

In this section, we keep all employees’ basic, detailed information.

  1. Order history

Admin can see all order history and status also.

  1. Payment history

Admin can see all the transaction history and also track it.

  1. Statics and analytics

Admin can check all the ratings and analyse the app’s working status or how many people are using this app.

How does this app function?

Now, how does an iron and washing app work? First, let us look at the general configuration of any laundry app Development Company.  

      Step1. The customer places an order.

The customer places an order and selects a pickup time using the on-demand laundry app.

      Step2. The delivery partner picks up the laundry.

After the consumer successfully places the order, the delivery associate will go to the noted address and pick up the dirty laundry from the customer.

       Step 3. Washing clothes and other things

The service partner will wash, immaculate, or iron clothes according to the user’s service. In addition, the app notifies the store of the service the client opted for.

      Step4. Delivery of clean clothes

After the dress is processed, the delivery partner is responsible for returning the clothes to the client. The client can provide the delivery service with a secure area if they are not at home or cannot pick up their clothes.


If you want to develop a laundry delivery app for your on-site laundry business, we suggest JPloft solutions. It is one of the best mobile app development companies & has 10+ years of experience in Mobile app development, and 200+ projects have already been completed with a 99% success rate and 99.5% customer satisfaction rate, so they will help you to complete your dream projects.

For any further information, you need, feel free to contact us at our website, JPloft solutions.

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