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Jhalana Leopard Safari – Timings, Tickets, Best time to Visit


The Jhalana Leopard Safari, located in Jhalana near Jaipur, is a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts. It offers the guests a chance to observe the majestic leopards in their natural habitat right here in India. The safari is set against the beautiful background of the Aravalli mountains and is one of the best wildlife destinations in the country. The area has a good amount of Leopard population and is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers alike. Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve has about 35 leopards, including 5 cubs, and covers an area of 20 square kilometres.You can also visit Nag Tibba Trek , It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making it a favorite spot for both seasoned trekkers and beginners.

Jhalana Leopard Safari – An Exhilarating Wildlife Experience

The Jhalana Safari Park region is separated into two safari zones or routes, and the safari trip is organised throughout both of them. The safari tour is available in two shifts in the Jhalana Leopard Reserve: morning shift and evening shift. The morning session starts from 6:30 a.m. and ends at 9:30 a.m., whereas the evening session begins at 3:30 p.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m. Tourists can make online reservations for Jeep safari or Gipsy seats which accommodate a maximum of five or six people only. Aside from that, Jhalana Leopard Safari offers Half Day and Full Day Safari options. The Jhalana leopard Reserve online booking is done on a first-come, first-served basis, and the whole amount for the Jhalana safari booking must be paid in advance. 

The average price for India is rupees 1350 per passenger and rupees 7000 to rent a full Gypsy whereas for a foreigner it is about rupees 2500 per passenger and rupees14000 to rent a full Gypsy normally . In order to book a whole jeep for half day, it costs an Indian 18000 rupees and  rupees 25000 for a person of foreign nationality. The price is increased to 34000 rupees for a full day in case of an Indian and 50000 rupees for a foreigner. 

It is highly suggested to buy your tickets according to your preferences well in advance to avoid confusion due to the high popularity and limited crowd. So, it is best to plan your visit ahead of time and get a head start by buying your tickets well in advance. The actual times and ticket prices may vary slightly depending on the season, so make sure to check the official website for the most recent information.

Guided Safari Adventure with Expert Insights

Once within the safari, visitors are followed by friendly and expert guides who are well-versed on leopard behaviour and habitat. These guides provide useful insights and protect the visitors’ safety while on safari. The open-roofed safari vehicles provide an uninterrupted view of the environment and wildlife. The excitement rises as the safari begins, and people keep an eye out for any signs of leopard activity. The guides have a great eye for tracking and locating leopards among the dense undergrowth. The feeling of spotting a leopard is an extraordinary experience and to catch a glimpse of these silent creatures in their natural habitat is certain to give you a sense of thrill with a healthy dose of adrenaline.

Jhalana Leopard Safari not only provides the opportunity to watch leopards but also provides a look into the region’s unique and diverse ecosystem. Tourists will go through diverse landscapes with rocky terrains and dense forests in some areas, which are home to a variety of wildlife species. Aside from leopards, visitors may see different species of animals like the spotted deer, blue bulls, wild boars, and a variety of bird species.

A Conservation-Centric Adventure

It is essential to point out that this Safari is part of a conservation effort to protect the leopard population and its environment. Visitors must keep a respectful distance from the wildlife in order to not spook the animals and thereby ensuring their own safety. Disturbing or harming the animals or their surroundings is strictly forbidden.

Ultimately, Jhalana Leopard Safari provides a once in a lifetime experience and thrilling wildlife encounter in the heart of Jaipur. This safari provides the tourists an opportunity to get as up and close to the leopards as one can and definitely gives you a sense of awe when you catch a sight of them. This Safari is the perfect destination for people who would love a chance to experience nature and wildlife at its best as well as the people who are looking for a new adventure. So all that can be said is, pack your bags and book your trip to the pink city to enjoy this amazing safari. 

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