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Breaking the stereotype of a typical workspace to a sleek and congenial space to Collaborate

The transformation of a typical modular workstation to a sleek and creative workspace was definitely a need of the hour. People are bored by the typical workspace ideology especially post pandemic design have taken a different creative path. Understanding this aspect on a wider angle helps to create a better built space. Most of the interior decorators in Bangalore have already marked a change in the field of design when it comes to workstations. Work revolves around the work table or work cubicles, so the change needs to be organic.

Let’s have a looks at the possible ways to make the workstations look creative and comfortable for the user

Understand the requirement of the client, their age group and work typology. Now days most of workstations are custom made. You can have a minimal and user-friendly design aesthetic. Choose lacquered glass as separator rather than fabric, this will minimize the space usage.

A typical cubicle workstation gives you a very neutral and claustrophobic feel; this is due to lack of natural light, dull hues and indoor Landscaping.

Ideas to transform the typical workstation module 

Adapt new design methodology and trends, creating spaces for the betterment of the employees. Choose Décor of new trends which is of new trend and user-friendly. The best commercial interior designer in Bangalore have transformed the regular cubical work desk pattern to a more creative workspace. Few tips that will enhance your workspace is to add more indoor plants and add neutral colors to the wall/or try adapting brand colors The basic Furniture’s used are the workstation desk and chairs, which should be of proper ergonomics. When it comes to cubicles, add on pin up boards; provide proper breathing space between cubicles, the separators can be planter boxes instead of fabric separators. The workstation desk can have storage spaces so that the space looks clean and organized. Work on iteration for workstation materials, Avoid using material that has textures on table top, Try incorporating smoother finishes, Select subtle color tone laminates, make the space look elegant and sleek

Workstation colors can be selected from brand color and the table can follow design elements adapted from the brand. Workstation tables can have separators like pencil holder where  it acts as a separator and a storage unit.

Always design workstations with sleek legs that can moved from one place to another.

Cost effective office spaces with minimal number of workstation prefer cubicles where larger desktops can be placed. Before designing your workstations, study the foot fall of people, usability, costing and other major elements involved before customizing the table. Choose chairs that are height adjustable and comfortable for people to relax and make movements.

Breaking the work culture stereotype doesn’t depend only on workstation it also depends on the how we design the space by understanding the space management, client requirements, brand strategy etc. Older commercial spaces rarely follow the brand colors or brand aesthetic, people were not aware of how workspace environment works. Now the exposure that people undergo in every stage is drastic so as our design ideas and aesthetics.

People are in world where they ideate and understand design in different perspective and try to incorporate their ideas into the space where they live work and collaborate.

The new era of population are creating workspaces like breakout spaces or collaborative spaces. They are bored of the regular working cubicle site.

This is an organic transition of design on work culture environment which helps people to be productive and energetic on their term.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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