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What are the best features of a Spa & Salon POS system

Almost every business from the service industry is digitally empowered. Using web based applications, or apps almost businesses have democratized their processes and allow clients be in control of certain processes. A salon & spa POS system is no different and it works to simplify your business processes to not only make things effortless for you and your staff but also provide an excellent guest experience. The key features of a POS system enables to perform multiple roles. The POS system is your front desk staff, cashier, accountant and customer relationship manager all rolled into one. Such is its ability that it can help your business grow exponentially. So, what are the POS software features, which make it so popular and have been instrumental in promoting the adoption of Spa & Salon POS system.

Order / Appointment Management

Ranking amongst the most popular features of a spa and salon POS system, is its appointment management module. The appointment management system is designed to take care of the utmost important aspect of your business i.e. to accept the bookings from the guests, and schedule it onto the work calendar to help you and your team to stay busy with the chock full calendar. Aside from accepting bookings through multiple channels such as website, app, and chatbot, the appointment management system also enables your business to be respond to the guests 24x7x365. With its other features such as automated reminders to both guests and providers, the system works to ensure that there are minimal no show bookings. Further, by deploying a feature known as waitlist management the system ensures that should any empty slot open up it automatically intimates the watlisted guest about the available opportunity and subject to confirmation from the guest accept the booking.

Inventory Management

Amongst the most dreaded administrative task involved  in running a salon or a spa, the inventory management process is cumbersome, monotonous and if executed manually prone to errors. A spa and salon POS system takes this into consideration and automates the entire process from the time of ordering to replenish stocks to until the product is sold. A spa and salon POS system records each and every transaction makes the relevant adjustments in the stock against the invoices generated. With the entire process flow being completely automated the system ensures that each and every transaction is correctly recorded.

Invoicing & Payments

Another key feature of a POS system is to keep a complete traceability of every transaction. No sooner is the service competed the system automatically generates an invoice to accept the payment. Further, by providing the guests to choose their preferred payment gateway, the salon POS system ensures that the client can choose from his or her preferred payment system.

Business Insights

One of the marvellous POS software feature of a salon POS system is its ability to provide with data insights to help ascertain the performance of the processes. Multiple reports such as daily sales, order aging, stock status, payments, profit and loss various other reports can be easily accessed in just about 1-2 clicks. The availability of the reports can help take informed and quick business decisions that are backed by data.

Client Management

By now perhaps anyone & everyone running either a spa or a salon, understands that clients form the backbone of their operations. In other words, no clients means no business. Usually most spa and salon businesses follow a rather cumbersome process of maintain a business diary to note down all the details of the client such as personal and financial information. However, doing the process manually means that creating potential risk of either being unable to find the information or worse still using wrong information. A spa and salon management system avoids it by having a centralized database of customers. Further, it allows customers to edit personal information such as address, contact details and payment methods. By having a comprehensive centralized CRM module the system eliminates the chances of confusion.

Aside from the above, there are few more key features of a POS system, which work seamlessly and help you create a modern experience for your clients.  Some of the renowned POS systems that are highly popular and come with a host of features are Zenoti, Salonist, SalonIris, MindBody, and Phorest. These spa and salon POS systems have transformed the way how businesses operate and are proven to increase sales.

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