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How I keep My Car Clean on a Daily basis

8 Amazing Car cleaning Tips to Maintain Car’s Efficiency for a Long Time 

Car lovers never afford to keep a dirty car because they know the adverse effect of that condition. Maintaining car cleanliness is essential to maintain the car’s good condition. Many car owners feel satisfied washing their cars at home. However, car cleaning at home cannot give a comprehensive look. Moreover, a clean car always has the edge over a grimy one. 

Car wash is elementary car maintenance, but one cannot achieve deep cleaning from it. However, if you do it smartly, then it can work magnificently. We will share some effective car cleaning hacks. Now know about these 8 amazing car cleaning tips to maintain a car’s efficiency for a long time.

1. Windows Cleaning with Appropriate Solutions 

Never apply conventional glass cleaning material that may cover ammonia-consumed products. These products can destroy the car’s window/windshield shade. Rather than ammonia material, use the car, particularly cleaner for the window. Apply them gently to clean comprehensively after sprinkling the window with the solution. 

2. Apply Wax on The Car After Washing    

Car waxing is similar to applying moisturizer to your face. Waxing can protect your car from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Moreover, it can make your car’s exterior glowing and subtle. Post a deep cleaning; you must use polymer-contained wax to provide elegant gloss finishing to the car. If you don’t have any clue about ideal car waxing, leave this work to the professional car cleaners.

3. Wipe Out Bird Stools or Waste 

Bird stools or waste make your car dirty and unbearable. It can destroy the glossy finishing and softness of the windshield. Additionally, paint surfaces become decayed and dirtier because of bird waste. These waste particles can lead to remaining spots and scraps on the car. You must clean them immediately before they become a headache for you. We recommend not scrubbing forcefully on the affected area. Pour some water drops into the affected spot and make it stay for a couple of minutes. Then clean with garden hose water pressure. 

4. Keep Parking Your Car in a Shaded or Covered Area  

Direct sunlight and sometimes rainfalls can deteriorate the shine and paintwork of the car. Seasonal effects have a significant contribution to a car’s efficiency. India has a scorching summer and volatile rainwater season. When you openly keep your car in such a season, it can damage its appearance. Ultraviolet rays can form rusting to the vehicle’s body, and paint can fade away. You can prevent such happening by parking your car in a shaded and covered area. 

5. Pay Attention to Wheel Cleaning and Rubbing 

Never avoid wheels because they are the fundamental component of running your car. Wash your car’s wheel with a material that professional cleaners recommend. If you don’t understand product quality, use a gentle, low pH cleaning agent specifically for aluminum tires. However, when you consult car dry cleaning in Delhi at Keyvendors, they will use the ideal tire cleaning solution during car detailing. 

6. Preserve the Shining 

Apart from bigger cleaning hacks such as car detailing, car dry cleaning, and car washing, it helps if you also focus on the car’s shine. Spend your time on thorough cleaning, washing, and dry cleaning with appropriate methods. These hacks can help in preserving car shine. 

One can use a microfiber cloth and spray cleaner to frequently eliminate dust and other pollutants from your vehicle. It will make your car shinier and new forever.

7. Select Car Cleaning Product Wisely 

Constantly clean your car with car cleaning detergent and agents. Normal household soap or dishwashing is wrong because it will erase the polishing and degrade the glossy coating. The most important thing to remember here is to consider how to keep your car shining and how to preserve the attractive elements in the right position. First, thoroughly rinse your car to remove debris that can damage it, then move on to cleaning; use new gloves and clean microfiber cloths.

8. Wash Your Vehicle At Least Twice A Week 

Set up a consistent schedule for car washing and cleaning. If you cannot wash your car daily, keep it twice a week or 4 times a month. With the passing periods, dust, mud, debris, rubbles, bird’s waste, and water stains can dissolve in the car’s paint. Hence clear your car twice weekly and prevent it from having such a dusty appearance. 


As we’ve seen, keeping your car’s luster is a subject of sticking to a normal routine and getting the proper materials. Your car’s exterior always requires specific attention to maintain it appears new always. As a result, selecting the appropriate cleaning goods – rather than those that appear to be convenient, such as liquid soap is essential.

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