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How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party

What’s better than a dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day? Swimming with all of your favorite people, plus the best party food around.

Research shows that swimming three times weekly – even for only an hour – can positively affect the health of your heart and weight loss. It can also reduce stress and improve your mood.

In light of this, you may want to throw a party in your pool soon. What party planning tips should you follow to plan an unforgettable pool party?

Here’s a rundown of the top pool party ideas.

Let’s jump in (so to speak)!

Send Out Festive Pool Party Invites

The first step to planning the perfect pool party is to come up with a theme that you know your partygoers will love. For instance, consider throwing a luau-themed shindig. This theme is especially popular for a girls’ birthday party or a casual get-together for adults.

Once you’ve solidified a vision for the party, create attractive party invitations that reflect your theme. Make sure that your party invitations are fun and vibrant so that your invitees are excited about attending your event.

Also, be sure to include in your invites any items your pool party guests need to bring with them, like a towel or swimsuit.

Captivate Your Guests with Summer Decor

Once the theme has been established and the invitations are out, you’re ready to decorate for your pool party. Decorations play a vital role in setting your party’s theme.

For starters, choose decorations that feature many inviting colors. These decorations may range from balloons and streamers to tableware and lantern lights. This will give the pool party the happy, relaxed vibe you’re going for.

Consider also incorporating tiki torches into your decor mix. These decorations not only are beautiful but also will keep your party illuminated when the sun starts to set.

Live up your party’s atmosphere with summer inflatables, too. These are fun to play with and also double as excellent photo props for getting the perfect shots for Instagram.

Choose inflatables that look like flamingos and palm trees, for example. And be sure to add a few beach balls as well.

Bring a Slew of Snacky Party Food

To further make your pool party a hit, you’ll need to introduce a variety of snacks to whet every palate. You’ll want a decent balance between healthy food and junk food to satisfy your guests.

Keep in mind that excessive salt intake can lead to bloating — something your guests don’t want when they’re sporting their bathing suits. However, because your partygoers will likely be sweating out in the sun, a few salty treats are in order, as they’ll help with replenishing their electrolytes.

Treat your guests to pretzels, potato chips, and corn chips, for example. And don’t forget to offer filling and healthy chip dips, such as hummus, salsa, and guacamole, as well.

At the same time, be sure to introduce fresh fruit at your party table as well. A delectable fruit salad can especially be tasty, thirst-quenching, and decorative for the photos.

Don’t Forget the Ice Cream

Your guests will all scream for ice cream, so consider offering gourmet ice cream at your pool party as well.

An ice cream truck rental service can provide you with an ice cream truck and a server who is ready to cater yummy cold treats to your special event. With brownie sundae cones to strawberry shortcake sundaes, your party attendees will have no problem with satisfying their sweet tooth.

All you need to do is reserve the truck, then let the ice cream catering company handle the rest.

Turn Up the Music

No party is complete without the right music, so be sure to create a playlist filled with your favorite summertime hits as well.

You can easily find a curated party playlist through a streaming service like Pandora, Apple Music, or Spotify. Alternatively, choose your favorite songs to create your own playlist for your pool party.

Also, consider purchasing an outdoor speaker. These types of speakers are waterproof and will play your tunes loud enough for all of your guests to hear and enjoy from one hour to the next.

Bring Out the Waterproof Smartphone Cases

Finally, consider treating each guest to a waterproof smartphone case. In this way, they’ll be able to comfortably take unique photos underwater and poolside, getting shots that you otherwise couldn’t get yourself.

At the end of the party, ask your guests to send you all of the photos they took. Then, compile them to create a shareable digital album that you can send out to all of your guests. You can even send each guest a digital “thanks for coming” card that includes the link to your pool party album.

Create an Unforgettable Party with These Winning Pool Party Ideas

If you want to throw a party in your pool in the near future, the top party planning tips include introducing delicious party food, including ice cream, and captivating decor. The best pool party ideas also include introducing music that will keep the party going for hours.

By executing the above-listed ideas, you can easily throw a pool party that will provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits for your guests. And it’s sure to be remembered for years to come.

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